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Here are 10 travel tips if you are planning to visit Greece in the near future.

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1. Learning to Love a Malaka
Although the word Malaka is not "nice" it is sometimes to be friendly. Malaka means "jerkoff", but in Greece we use it as a term of affection. People might say, "Hey jerkoff," but do not worry. You will be able to tell if you do it by your tone of voice. Use your best judgment and go with the flow.

2. Most everything closes at noon for a few hours. No soup for you.
In Spain its called "siesta" and they have it in Greece also. In some of the more touristy areas you will find everything is kept open, but if your visit takes you off the beaten path it will probably be closed in the afternoon. Be sure to make that trip to the market and do your errands in the morning and spend your "nap" on the beach.

3. Dramamine Taxis
Greece has more than 6,000 islands, but only 250 of them are inhabited. Although some of the islands have airports most do not and you will have to take a ferry to visit them. Ferries will fluctuate at the cost of 10 to 75 EUR with the trip out of Athens which is more expensive. The airfare will range between 100 – 300 EUR depending on where you are visiting, what time of year it is, and possibly how much you slip the individual booking your tickets.

4. Avoid Mykonos if you are on a budget.
The clubs stay open until the morning, the beaches are beautiful, and the bar is always pumping music. Along with the great nightlife and romantic scenery comes a very strong price point. Mykonos is not the island to visit if you are on a budget. Drinks on this island are as expensive as they are in New York City, 12-15 EUR a pop. Dinner will run for at least 50 euros and hotel rooms start at around $ 250 euros per night. One of your bags should probably be full of cash.

5. Hypochondriacs rejoice! Antibiotics can be bought without a prescription.
If you are like my mum you will want to stock up on the counter antibiotics while you are in Greece. You do not need a prescription in Greece to buy them and they are stronger than the things the pharmacist gives you here (America to me, I'm not sure where in the world you are). I would like to say that you should not take the medicine if you do not need it. Antibiotics should only be taken if you have an infection so consult with your doctor before self medicating. And for the sake of all that is holy take the whole cycle, even if you start to feel better, end the cycle! Otherwise, we are only building resistant antibacterial bacteria that will cleanse us all. But do not, really, enjoy your trip.

6. The food in Greece is amazing on any budget
Greece is known for its seafood, olives, honey, feta cheese and healthy vegetables. Even if you are traveling on a budget and can not afford to eat at restaurants (which usually run between 15 – 50 euros a meal) you can grab Gyro and Suvlaki on the street. They usually run 2 – 3 euros each and they are so full. Vegetarians: just learn to pronounce the word "spanakopita" before you leave and the cheese and spinach cakes give you right at the same price point.

7. No one in Greece advice. But if you do, you will be treated as a god (tiny god that is).
Overall, people do not tip in Greece as the staff are paid a living wage, but they treat you like a king if you do. At the beach bar they usually give 3 to 5 euros all day and make sure my drink is always full. A EUR or two goes a long way. If you are looking for hospitality in Greece, throw in a smile and you are golden.

8. Visit before or after high season
End of summer in Greece (late July to late August) is very expensive. During that time in Greece the tourists outnumber the citizens! Because of this the prices in the hotel rooms, flights and ferries are inflated. Visiting before or after high season can save you a lot of money. Consider visiting in June or September so you can still enjoy the beach.

9. McDonalds at Athens Airport serves a McGyro

10. Find the Bouzoukia for the real Greek nightlife experience.
Most of the nightlife in Greece is now very popular. The Bouzoukia is where you will experience Greek music, dancing, and live flower release. There is usually a headliner like Ana Vissi (think the Greek equivalent to Madonna) if you are in Athens but you can find a cheap alternative in some of the smaller cities and islands with unknown singers.

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10 tips if you’re visiting Greece | Travel Tips

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  1. metaxa no 3 or mythos from athens… is it true, no underwear is worn in greece…haha, so you can see the poutso through the jeans…
    well done malaka 😛

  2. Seriously advise against indiscriminate use of antibiotics without prescription. Really.

  3. Loved this! Great tips 🙂 You should have more Subscribers!! I just made a Travel Tips video too! Please check it out and let me know what you think !!

  4. I am from Australia and I am going to Greece in September, never even been over seas 😳

  5. With extensive coastlines and islands, an ancient culture and being the birthplace of the Olympics, Greece is indeed a fascinating land to visit. However, there are a number of crooks in the country targeting tourists in the country http://travelscams.org/europe/common-tourist-scams-greece/

    Do be wary of the what time is it scam, pickpockets, ferry tickets scam, would you like a drink scam, photo taking scam, ring scam, free flower scam, fake products, unpriced menus, faulty motorbikes, no taxi meters/rigged ones, taxi touts at airports, fake police and many more!

  6. only been to Corfu and I loved it. ppl, food, couldn't ask for much more. I will visit Santorini next.

  7. Awesome video! I just came back from Thessaloniki and I loved it <3
    I did a vlog for it, it'd be so cool if you'd check it out!

  8. Dont go to greece.its full of thiefs there.Everywere and 'thiefs' i mean the restaurants and the clubs :).Dont take food from there everything expensive

  9. Greek in the City – I understand you are trying to motivate people but your yelling is very annoying. All I can hear is your loud noise it's making it hard to focus on your words.

  10. the siesta thing happens only on Mondays and Wednesdays and only at small (and no touristic) stores 🙂

  11. Chris I don't know why but you are soooo funny👌i like your videos for greece and plss don't stop doing this wonderful work!
    Love from Cyprus ❗️😚

  12. no1 correct but after the 3rd day. no2 Siesta does not exist anymore no3 correct no4 CORRECT no5 correct but we have sun and awesome food you will not need any medicine and do NOT ASK ANYONE for DRUGS they will not send you to a pharmacy but to a dark alley instead! no6 CORRECT no7 CORRECT no8 CORRECT beach bars in Athens are open till October:-) no9 Greekmac its a burger with garlicless (lol) tzatziki in a pita bread. no10 Go with a greek and practice your belly dance skills in advance! GOOD JOB Chris!!!

  13. Great pointers Chris! July & August are hot as HELLenic and very crowed. Heed Chris's pointers.

  14. Do you happen to have an email account set aside to swap questions and answers? I have one from my family and friends. I would write it here but, alas no need to get junk mail hell. I can hardly wait until May and immerse myself in the people, the culture philosophy and most of all the history.

  15. Hey man. Have you ever met SoTIRI? He is also a Greek-American,singer,producer and comedian. It would be pretty good if we could see you together making a vid! Χαιρετισματα από Θεσσαλονικη!

  16. The Greeks are always sleeping xx the male population
    Buddy I love this video xx
    Re Mykonos it's very cosmopolitan xx the gays love it
    Greek food is the best xx my Dav is stiffado
    Chris you are a fairy xx
    Why would you want a mc-gyro?
    They only break plates at tourist spots

  17. men you are so good at this!!!! you are so real at the thinks you tell in th video!!! probably i will see that video 1000 times!!!!😘

  18. πολυ ωραιο video ! Imagine all the tourists saying the word malakas hahaha,it would be awesome!

  19. Anita drinking ouzo is still something that makes me laugh and laugh.

    Peter has a very wealthy aunt who lives in Greece. We're considering asking her to adopt us. 🙂

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