16 TOP BANGKOK STREET FOODS | Bangkok Food Guide

As one of the best known foodie capitals of Southeast Asia street food, there is an endless variety of street foods in Bangkok. Here is my Bangkok food guide to the 16 main food street of Bangkok. Enjoy!

The 16 Main Street Foods of Bangkok
1. Tom Yam
2. Pad Thai
3. Noodle boat
4. Fish Ball Noodle Soup with Flat Noodles
5. Vegetable rice porridge
6. Fried spring rolls
7. The Thai taco
8. Chocolate Banana Roti
9. Fried insects
10. Vegetarian Festival
11. Sound Tam
12. Glory of the morning fried
13. Thai Ice Tea
14. Red Bull energy drink (made in Thailand).
15. Fruit and herbal drinks
16. Sweet sticky rice and mango with coconut milk

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16 TOP BANGKOK STREET FOODS | Bangkok Food Guide

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  1. Thank you for made this video but what i have to comment is… not every restaurant have the same taste and now in Thailand everybody can sell food, don't need to know real recipe. Your tomyum and porridge are funny for me. Tomyum should never have onion and baby corn, porridge is no mix vegetables inside. Next time looking for what i comments you will found a different taste and original.

  2. I love your videos. Planing to take my first solo trip in januari to Thailand fir 4 weeks and I'm love all your good tips on solo travel. Keep up the good work. You helped me a lot 😊👍

  3. Hi, I watched your other video about eating street food safely, and you mentioned not to have any drinks with ice because the ice may have been made with tap water. Does this apply to Thai Iced Tea as well? I really want to try it in Thailand, but it seems like there's so much ice in it.

  4. Just returned from Bangkok a few days ago. I wish I had seen this video before, even though my experience with street food was great. I stuck with ingredients that were familiar or recognizable, though – this video is giving me great info for expanding my horizons next time. though. Thanks!:

  5. Liked and Sub'd!!! Thanks for this! I will be going to Thailand in April and I'm Vegan so wasn't sure about food choices. Now I know I will have more options than originally thought.

  6. redbull isnt only made in thailand but it actually was born in thailand. redbull american version was right behind the original version in thailand.

  7. I'm going to Thailand for a month on November and I'm going to take this video and try all of these ones they look so tasty thanks for the list !!!

  8. 1. I love your videos and I don't understand why they don't have more views.
    2. You are absolutely beautiful.
    and last but not least. You mentioned in your street food safety video to avoind ice but you had ice with your thai iced tea. Ice yes or no? Thank you. 🙂

  9. @christine, love your videos..very informative..where do u go and have cheap pad thai..?is it in the chatuchak market..?

  10. your food safety video made me worried about my trip to Thailand next week. then this video immediately remedied it. haha I'm planning on stopping by a pharmacy the first day I'm there. besides Cipro, what else do you suggest I get? azithromiacin?

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