20 Things to do in Milan Italy Travel Guide

Welcome to Italy! This week we are exploring the fashion capital of Europe. We are here in Milan. But of course there is more to do in Milan than to go shopping. So let's show 20 attractions around the city.

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We had 3 days in Milan, so we hit the ground running and tried to see and do as much as possible. We made time for major attractions like Il Duomo, Sforza Castle and Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, but we also walked away from the crowds in search of street art and interesting neighborhoods. Being Italy, we also try to prioritize meals, try everything from pizza to risotto, and cappuccino to appetizers. The following travel guide will highlight 20 things to do when visiting Milan, Italy

1) Milan Catherdral (Il Duomo – Duomo of Milan – Domm of Milan)
2) Il Duomo Terrace
3) Italian breakfast – Cappuccino and sweet Italian pastry
4) Castle of Sforza – Castello Sforzesco
5) The Galleria – Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II
6) Risotto alla Milanese – Risotto Milanese style
7) Street art near Porta Ticinese
8) Colonne di San Lorenzo – Columns of San Lorenzo Roman Ruins
9) Boat trip on the canal (traghetti gaggiano milano)
10) Dine along the canal in the Navigli district of Milan
11) Aperitif drinks and buffet – Apéritifs and digestives
12) Shopping in Milan via Via Torino
13) Visit Chinatown for Chinese food
14) Riding a bicycle in Milan as a local
15) Pizza al taglio (pizza to trance) Italian pizza by the slice
16) Basilica of St. Eustorgio containing relics of the 3 Magi
17) Duomo Museum that covers the history of cathedrals in depth
18) New views of the city with a hop-on-hop-off bus pass
19) Natural History Museum – Museo Civico di Storia Naturale di Milano
20) Night view of Milan near Il Duomo

Our trip to Milan, Lombardy was part of the Blogville project where we stayed in a local apartment and experienced all the best cultural activities, museums, restaurants, arts and entertainment the city has to offer. This city guide is our best attempt to create a mix of the best attractions and activities off the path you will not necessarily find in a typical Milan tourist brochure.

20 Things to do in Milan Italy Travel Guide Video Transcription:

Our first stop was Il Duomo, which is the most famous attraction in the city. The cathedral took almost six centuries to complete.

So we have sat in a small cafe and we are going to have our first Italian breakfast with cappuccino and sweet cakes.

Something that surprised us about Milan is that there is a castle right in the center of the city. Sforza Castle was built in the 15th century by the Duke of Milan, and then underwent several restorations and expansions in the following centuries. Today it houses several of the most prized art possessions in the city, including frescoes by Leonardo da Vinci and the last sculpture by Michelangelo.

For some upscale design shops, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is the place to be.

So we just found a small local restaurant and we will be trying out a traditional dish that is very popular in this city and in the Lombardy region. We are going to have Risotto alla Milanese.

The Colonne di San Lorenzo is the remains of the Roman ruins dating from the second century. They are believed to have been part of a bathroom house.

Another fun activity to try in Milan is a canal boat tour. The city's canals are attributed to Leonardo Da Vinci, who in 1482 was called by the Duke of Milan to help renovate the canal system of the city.

The Navigli district of Milan is one of the liveliest areas of the city, especially when the sun sets for outdoor dining.

So we went out for our first Italian appetizer. That is like a tradition of drinking before dinner. Basically you get a cocktail for about 10 euros and that gives you access to this huge buffet.

And that's it for our visit to Milan. We hope this video will give you some cool ideas of places of interest and attractions to get out.

This is part of our series of trips in Italy showing Italian culture, Italian arts, Italian food and Italian cuisine.

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20 Things to do in Milan Italy Travel Guide

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  1. good video but i'm sorry that you missed the "Panzerotti" by Luini..that's the milanese way of snacks..really tasty

  2. I am a "milanese" woman but i'm not there, so I tank you for the little and delicious play!

  3. Consiglierei di passeggiare nel quartiere di Brera, poetica e artistica con la nota Accademia, e di pranzare seduti ad un tavolino, in uno dei tanti piccoli ristoranti, molto caratteristici, offerti nei tranquilli vicoli della zona,  piuttosto che nel quartiere cinese di via Paolo Sarpi. La Milano storica non è cinese.

  4. also, the most beautiful part od Milan is park Sempione where you can walk for hours, sit and enjoy nature. also, you should visit Museum of technology Leonardo da Vinci where you can see his scientific and technological works, but not only his, there is also space room, instrument room, there is a navy in the yard, one whole building with boats, planes etc. really cool museum to check it out 😊

  5. You missed Leonardo Da Vinci's "The Last Supper" , La Scala theatre and Brera district talking about historical spots… these are very popular

  6. great video I enjoyed it. Perhaps next visit more comments about the costs involved so those that have never been but are arriving this May 2017 can get an idea of the prices to expect for visits to museums, transportation, food, those rental bikes.

  7. just stumbled across your video- I love your enthusiasm and thank you for this really nice video of my city ! i hope you enjoyed your trip 🙂

  8. I know this is expensive but next time go to San siro, one of the historical football stadiums in the world

  9. loved climbing to the roof of the Duomo when I was there with Ramses last visit! Didn't know about that on my 1st visit 1966!

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