50 Things to do in Paris, France | Top Attractions Travel Guide

Earlier this summer we spent a total of 10 days in Paris and decided that we wanted to highlight some of the best attractions and activities in the city. In the course of our visit we found 50 things to do in Paris, but of course, there are many more things that you could experience here. We hope this guide will help you to plan your trip to Paris, and let us know if there is anything else to add to this list. Now let's get started!

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50 things to do in Paris, France Best Attractions Travel Guide:

1) Eiffel Tower – The Eiffel Tour
2) Champ de Mars
3) Crêpe – Eat a crepe
4) Cathedral of Notre-Dame (Notre-Dame de Paris)
5) Arc of the Triumph of the Étoile (Arc de Triomphe de la Estrella)
6) Avenue des Champs-Élysées
7) Have a Parisian picnic in the park
8) Bois de Boulogne
9) Rent a Rowboat
10) Macaroni – Macaroni
11) Versailles Market
12) Hamlet of Marie Antoinette – Hamlet de la Reina
13) Palace of Versailles – Château de Versailles
14) Dance along the Seine at night
15) Love blocking bridges
16) Views of the city from the dome of Sacré-Cœur
17) Basilique du Sacré-Cœur – Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris
18) Croque-monsieur – grilled ham and cheese sandwich
19) Éclair – cream filled pastry filled with ice
20) Panthéon – Pantheon
21) Père-Lachaise Cemetery – Père Lachaise Cemetery
22) Jardin des Tuileries – Jardin des Tuileries
23) Louvre Museum – Louvre Museum
24) Bateaux Mouches – boat trip on the Seine River
25) Vélib bicycle tour
26) Segway Tour
27) Jardin des Plantes – Botanical Garden
28) Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle – National Museum of Natural History
29) Georges Pompidou Center
30) Le Marais – The Historic District of Marsh
31) Day of the Bastille – La Fête nationale – Le quatorze juillet
32) Jardin du Luxembourg – Luxembourg Garden
33) Palais du Luxembourg – Luxembourg Palace
34) Les Invalides – L n; Hôtel national des Invalides
35) Grand Palais & Grand Palace & # 39; – Grand Palais des Champs-Élysées
36) Petit Palais – Small Palace
37) Citroën 2CV – deux chevaux
38) Sainte-Chapelle – Santa Capilla
39) Trocadero
40) Parc de Princes – Paris Saint-Germain F.C.
41) Moulin Rouge
42) Cimetière de Montmartre – Cemetery of Montmartre
43) Moulin de la Galette
44) Le Consulat Restaurant
45) Montmartre Museum – Montmartre Museum
46) Mille-feuille French pastries – a thousand leaves –
47) Tarte au Citron – Lemon cake
48) Galeries Lafayette – French Store
49) Church of the Madeleine – Madeleine Roman Catholic Church
50) Metro of Paris – Metro of Paris

We are convinced that our travel video guide covers some of the main attractions in Paris, along with some suggestions that are not necessarily found in a tourist guide book, including information on festivals, arts, entertainment and gastronomy, along with the French cuisine. Most of the French foods we try are in any type of local French bakery (pâtisserie).

50 Things to do in Paris, France | Best attractions Travel guide Travel video Transcription:

Hello, and welcome to Paris. This week we are exploring the city of love, the city of lights and the city of art. This video will show you the top 50 things to do while visiting Paris.

So we're wrapping things up here. What would be your only advice to visit Paris? Well, I recently spent ten days here in the summer. I would say if you really want to visit the art galleries, museums and all the major attractions you should probably avoid the summer and like any come in the spring or autumn or winter. Because the lines are crazy and sometimes you have to wait like an hour and a half or two hours.

So, what about you? What are your final thoughts on Paris? So my final thoughts is obviously Paris is one of the best cities in the world in terms of attractions. There will be garbage, there will be lines, there will be some areas that are a bit of a monstrosity. But there is also a lot of beauty and there is also a lot to do here.

And that concludes our guide to the top 50 things to do and see in Paris. We hope you enjoyed watching, and let us know if there are any other places I would add to this list.

This is part of our series of trips in France showing French culture, French arts, French food and French cuisine.

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Video credits to Samuel and Audrey – Travel and Food Videos YouTube channel

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50 Things to do in Paris, France | Top Attractions Travel Guide

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  1. قناة مختصة بشرح الحياة العامة في مدينة باريس بما فيها من أحداث عامة وحفلات وأخبار وأماكن عامة‏

  2. I'm watching this video because my B-Day is coming up and it's a Paris theme so I'm trying to see what Paris is like

  3. Wow! how long can i go around with these sites? I was thinking of clustering Arrondissement municipal accordingly which ever is near.. i saw it on google map. i review much video but yours is greatly compact and precise on what to do in Paris. hopefully i can fit it on my 3 day tour.. thanks! 😃

  4. We went a for a few days last month. I had been there from Scotland as a student in the 70s (cycled there with my buddy and we slept one night on a bench outside Notre Dame!). Back twice later but with our own kids or with boyscouts. This time we had NO extras just us! Had a great few days in the sunshine, petits dejeuners in cafés near Montparnass. Enjoyed the Eiffel Tower and Tour Montparnass by day and night. Magical city. I might put my own Youtube up but at present only the 2 minute 'Fast Flight to Paris' is there. Thanks for sharing! Happy travels! Next time a jambon fromage crêpe for me too! 🙂

  5. Just came back after a 12 day stay there… I believe you have nailed it. Although we did hit a lot of the same places. Wish I would've seen this before our trip. Bonne Nuit!

  6. The Navigo card is 21Euros for 7 days 6 zones. I made a video about it. 🙂 As tourists get ripped off XOXO

  7. Paris!!!!!!!!!!!!! one of my best investments. Reaping benefits in perpetuity.

  8. In Paris, many of the parents ignore traffic laws with their children and many of these parents are civil servants. Youth in France deserve law-abiding, ethical and conscientious civil servants, their future actually depends upon it. Let's double traffic fines in capital cities and watch long overdue, law-abiding streets and adults appear, in Paris. The World Health Organization, Road Safety Office, feels that law-abiding streets and highways, are long overdue in France. What do you think?

  9. It was the best video I have ever watched regarding a trip around Paris(The City Of Love).Thanks alot

  10. Paris, once known as Europe's city of romance is now an Islamic terror
    hot bed. France, save yourselves in the upcoming elections!

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