A Solo-Traveler’s Guide To: Central America

A Lonely Traveler's Guide to: Central America is the second episode of my travel series. With a clearer vision, this video is a little more polished than the first, but still has the wonderful feeling of the first.

This episode guides him through five intense weeks in Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. While this episode does not cover all of Central America covers a good amount for a 5-week trip using airplanes, buses, ferries, vans, trucks and hitchhiking, and even horses.

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Video credits to GreenManTravels YouTube channel

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A Solo-Traveler’s Guide To: Central America

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  1. Apart from the comments which were often hard to understand, talking slower and clearer would have helped, it was a pretty shallow report. Local people might as well not have existed. One aspect that should be taken into consideration when travelling in this part of the world – is crime ! The crime wave that is at present sweeping this part of the world, did not get a mention at all. Sure, a lot was crammed into this video, but a lot was left out. For me, depth was missing.

  2. How did you get a ticket in advance to leave Costa Rica? I've been trying to search this with no luck for a while.

  3. i'm about to go to guatemala by myself and it will be my first time solo traveling so i'm a bit nervous! i'm 19 and a female do you think i will be safe?

  4. first I thought you were speaking another language but not English, when I realized its English, I had to refresh my page twice thinking I might have accidentally speeded the video!!  you are creating a good content but please, lower the music so we can actually listen and understand what you are trying to say and most important, talk a bit slower

  5. Was it difficult to find a place to get scuba certified? Should I get certified before traveling to Central America?

  6. Awesome videos…please watch the sound levels, the horns on the music drown out what people are saying when you interview them.

  7. Hi man great video! Thumbs up & subscribed! I have 2 questions: Did you learn Spanish? And around which period of the year did you go? Peace

  8. Really nice video..Its very helpful..I would appreciate if u provide itinerary of your trip or atleast place names in caption..Its missing at some places.

  9. OK, Seriously, you talk faster than any human being on the planet. Its like watching the video at 1.5x speed. I mean, RELAX, dude…….

  10. Great stuff,
     Can you give an approximate of how much you spent for this 5 week trip .

  11. You talk really fast, but cool videos.  I'm planning a trip in South America sometime.  I lived in Sao Paulo for a few years so speak Portuguese so hopefully I'll pick up Spanish relatively quickly.

  12. Awesome Vlogs!!! I recently decided to try and do a solo trip and watching your vlogs is just getting me more excited to do so!!!!

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