Belize Travel Video Guide | Ambergris Caye

I spent the last 5 days in Belize learning about culture, eating
Great food, and experience world class fishing. This must be a
Cube list item for each. If you have any questions about Belize traveling then feel free to send me a message. Belize is an amazing place that I feel is overlooked. From great food, phenomenal reef diving, and world class fishing, Belize is my new favorite vacation spot.

Video credits to AnglerUp with Brant YouTube channel

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Belize Travel Video Guide | Ambergris Caye

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  1. what size is that Penn Reel that you have in every video? I want one. is it the 4000??

  2. Many years ago, the people on these islands would eat shrimp and lobster as often as we here in the U.S would eat chicken. Back then, it was consider nothing. Also, some people would burn mahogany for fire wood.If your burn mahogany now people will think that you're nuts. How time changes everything.

  3. belize is indeed an incredible place, small also, im friends with Genie the guide dat took u out

  4. Your vids are awesome! You got a new sub! How much does a half day fishing guide cost in Belize?

  5. I love ur vids man, lokey people like u that aren't really famous and know what there doing in the Fishing life are the best keep of the good work man👌🏻

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