Belize Travel Video Guide

Belize travel video guide with one foot planted in the Central American jungles and the other immersed in the Caribbean Sea, Belize combines the best of both worlds.
Under the sea

Belize Travel Video Guide shows that the Belize Barrier Reef is the second longest in the world. But have you heard that this reef is home to over 100 different types of coral and about 500 species of fish? This fascinating underwater world is undoubtedly the main attraction in Belize. Snorkelers swim across the translucent seas, staring at a kaleidoscope of coral, fish and turtles; Divers go deeper, researching underwater caves and walls and the world famous Blue Hole.

The turquoise waters invite even those who choose to stay on the surface. The kayakers slide from a sandy island, splashed from palm to palm; Windsurfers and sailors sail through the waves by the power of the breeze; Sunbathers lounge on the dock, lulled in relaxation by the soft touch; And gourmets delight in delicious fresh fish, spiny lobster and other sea creatures.

Amazing Belize Travel Guide

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Belize Travel Video Guide

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  1. Was this video supposed to make me suicidal? Cuz it did. I'd rather slam my cock in a door than watch this video ever again, even with the sound off.

  2. Hey, The Best Travel Video Guides, you need a new editor! The music choice and shot selection are terrible! It makes Belize seem damp and depressing.

  3. Forget the videos and the news articles. Belize is a place like no other. This is why more than 50 percent of the people currently living in Belize are foreigners . The Chinese, the Arabs, the East Indians, the Mennonites, the Mayas, the Europeans, the Africans, the Latinos, the Koreans and the the Creoles will tell you this. To truly know Belize, you need to travel to the various regions. The islands off shore, southern Belize, Western Belize and the north. Because it is different , depending on which region you reside in . The topography is different and so is the life style.

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