Bruges City Guide – Travel Belgium

Come with us and discover Bruges, Belgium! Our city guide of Bruges offers things to do in the city, along with suggestions for Belgian street food, including waffles, chocolate and fries. Come and discover what makes this one of the most charming cities we visited while traveling in Belgium.

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In Bruges with Busabout
Frites: taste test of Belgian potato chips in Bruges, Belgium
Eating delicious Belgian chocolates in Bruges
Tasting of Belgian biscuits in Bruges, Belgium

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Our Bruges travel guide includes some of the best things to do in the city, including sections with nightlife, arts, museums and entertainment, along with restaurants and street food worthy of sampling. You will find that our guide offers more than what is typically shown in a tourist brochure.

Bruges City Guide – Travel Belgium Travel Video Transcript:

Well, hello and welcome to Bruges! We are excited to explore the city. We just arrived in the afternoon. The light is perfect, the day is beautiful and we are going to go explore and see what the city is all about.

Once in Bruges we head to see the old town. We watched horse-drawn carriages roll around the square, admired the buildings, and visited the chocolate shops because if there is one thing you have to do in Belgium, it shows all of your delicious chocolate.

So good morning. It's the beginning of day 2 here in Bruges, so we're going to continue sightseeing. I think the first order of things is to try to find a boat so we can do a little tour of the canals and maybe after that we'll start thinking about food. I know there are a few Belgian dishes that we are eager to try so let's start with the day.

We start the morning with a canal cruise. Like many cities in Europe, Bruges has also earned the nickname "The Venice of the North" because of the numerous waterways that run through the city. It was a great way to take a closer look at the city, and it did not hurt that we had swans to keep us company.

So we have a very exciting taste test coming today. We are in Bruges, Belgium and that means we have to try the Belgian fries. Not the fries. So let's take a look at that and then I'll give you some of the story behind it.

So there is a bit of heated debate over whether the fries or French fries or French fries. Where did they originate exactly? So our guide yesterday was telling us that apparently during World War I there were a lot of British and American soldiers who were between Belgium and France and sometimes did not know in which country they were. All they knew was that they could hear French spoken. So they assumed that we should be in France and these should be fries.

So it's time for our last taste test here in Belgium, so we stopped at a chocolate shop to pick up some handmade chocolate. And the Belgians actually used to have a colony in Africa, which meant cocoa beans, and a long time to perfect the art of making chocolate. So that means that today are one of the leading experts in the production of chocolate, so today is a taste of chocolate.

Cookies Cookies We have waffles!

Well, considering that today is our last full day in Belgium we could not leave the country without trying at least one Belgian waffle.

And to prove its authenticity, it even has a Belgian flag. Why do not you take that flag and shake it? Come on, let's go to the wave.

Caress the flag?

Hello, that flag.

Belgian biscuits, da dun da da.

Belgian waffles. Dun da da da dah

So the curious thing about Belgian waffles is that there is no such thing as Belgian waffles in Belgium.

Of course, in North America we call them Belgian waffles but here they are only old regular waffles.

And that's just because we have crappy crackers. Yes, we have to put them in the toaster. We usually buy them from the frozen section in Canada.

But anyway, what distinguishes these waffles is that they are much larger, much more fluffy and the squares are much larger than your average waffles that you buy from the frozen section in North America. So let's dig before this starts to melt.

This is part of our series of Travel videos in Belgium showing Belgian food, Belgian culture and Belgian cuisine.

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Video credits to Nomadic Samuel – Travel Channel YouTube channel

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Bruges City Guide – Travel Belgium

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  1. I paid 5 euros for the waffle (rated best at TripAdvisor) in Brussels next to the famous place ( forgot the name). It's quite pricey and I could have gotten a waffle for 1 euro in some parts of Brussels. Bruges looks cozier than Brussels!

  2. The guy is really comfortable and sincere on camera. Let's see more of him. PLEASE!

  3. Pity! you didn't show Brugge city as Brugge city is… only eating and taking with your boyfriend from 3:30 till until the end was just eating and your face in the Video! and on beers Belgium is #1 in the world , The country of Belgium offers more than 1000 different types of beer from more than 150 different breweries.

  4. Serously "jupiler" we have like 10000 beers and thy drink one of the most commercial weakest beers.

  5. I would look forward to sampling the waffles with toppings and I can only hope any Belgium chocolates I bought were as good as the box I once thoroughly enjoyed. The 'chips' as we call them in Britain did not appear all that appetizing really and they definitely looked like they needed some sauce on.

  6. my wife and I are amazed at how you and your wife enjoy the world. you two are outstanding.

    we enjoyed Quebec, montreal, and toronto because of you. thank you so much. montreal was so cool! great poutine!

  7. Great. But can't you ever hate something you ordered? You always make the finest and smart choice, if it's cheap it's a real bargain, if it's expensive it's because it's very tasty…

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