Brussels – Belgium Travel guide, Vacation, Tourism

Brussels – Belgium Travel Guide, Vacations, Tourism
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Guide of Brussels – Belgium
From its imposing medieval center to its 21st century temple to Surrealism, the new Magritte Museum in Brussels offers visitors much more than beer and chocolate and is resoundingly different from its unfortunate image of the EU's beaurocrats.

In fact, Brussels is a creative and dynamic city. Its compact center of the city is grouped with bars, restaurants and museums located along cobblestone streets. Inevitably, most tourists head to the Grand-Place. With its ornate houses of flamenco guilds, its impressive Town Hall and its bustling atmosphere, it would be difficult to find a more beautiful square in Europe. It deserves to be declared Patrimony of the Humanity by the UNESCO and is the jewel of the city. Stroll alongside the nearby Royal and Sablon districts filled with art galleries and antique shops. Throw away your map and meander through a myriad of side streets,
Discovering flea markets, art deco houses and boutiques.

The Parisian-style boulevards of Léopold II (Belliard and La Loi) are filled with embassies, banks and large apartment buildings, while Sainte Cathérine, the Art Nouveau district of St-Gilles and Ixelles draw an arty crowd with its shops and restaurants Eclectic

The Bruxelles pride themselves on their self-ephemeral and intellectual sense of humor, backed by a strong appreciation of the strange. The city has a long history of love with the surrealist artistic movement, initiated by René Magritte, and with classic comic strips, personified by the hero of Hergé, Tintin. There is an irony in the fact that the best-known city is the Manneken-Pis, a small statuette of a boy who urinates.

Meanwhile, all of this sits alongside collections of world-class art, fabulous cuisine including mussels, frites, waffles and loops, some of Europe's finest and finest beers and literary chocolatiers. When it comes to this confectionery, it is worth ignoring the brands known as Godiva or Neuhaus, and looking for the elegant boutique of the most modern chocolate maker Pierre Marcolini that a year later creates a limited edition design .

The cultural calendar of the city is filled with events for everyone from the massive and spooky Foire du Midi fair each July full of stalls and fairgrounds to the legendary Christmas market that occupies the center of the Sainte Catherine square with 240 Stalls, a large wheel, and numerous walks. One of the most important events is Art Brussels, showing the most creative and creative side of the city and a center for art connoisseurs from all over the world.

If you are a national euro-lover, check out the European area, centered on Schuman and the Berlaymont. Its most lively part is the Place du Luxembourg: all its bars are filled around 6pm on weekdays with some of the 20,000 diplomats, politicians and officials residing in the city after Brussels became the center of the International politics after the Second World War.

Easily accessible by train from other major European cities, Brussels is also the gateway for day trips to Amsterdam, Ghent, Luxembourg, Antwerp and Bruges, among others, making it a fabulous destination for two centers.
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Brussels – Belgium Travel guide, Vacation, Tourism

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