CINQUE TERRE // Travel Guide 5 Villages // ITALY | Melissa Chalmers

We had a wonderful time in La Spezia and the Cinque Terre in Italy. FOLLOW ME:
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CINQUE TERRE // Travel Guide 5 Villages // ITALY | Melissa Chalmers

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  1. hi melissa, how much you paid for private taxi? as i can see, best shoots which includes houses, sea and sky can be taken from the sea. thanks 🙂

  2. Hi Melissa, My daughter and I have just returned from staying with David and his wife at Agriturismo Locanda del Papa just outside La Spezia. We really enjoyed our stay at their house in it's idyllic setting. They are so friendly and helpful. Thanks for your great video and enabling us to find such a lovely place.

  3. Hi Melissa, great video you got here! I'll be traveling to Cinque Terre in a week, and am still a tad confused. Is it true that all the villages consist of just one street? In that case, it shouldn't take long to cover the whole village, yes?
    Oh and by the way, could you share certain picturesque spots around Cinque Terre?
    Thank you in advance!

  4. Hi there, I was wondering if you have a link to the Air BnB that you used while there?

  5. Hi melissa, I am going to Milan for 3 days and I want to go to Cinque terre for 1 day, just going in the morning en coming back to milan in the evening. We want to rent a car. Is that possible and do you have tips?

  6. Greeeat Vlog ! I will go here in 20 days and your video has made me want 😉 Thanks

  7. Hi Melissa! So excited to visit Cinque Terra this summer. When you went swimming, was there a place to put your camera gear that was safe?

  8. if u want visit this site , u can send me message (only 0034-631684875)
    I live here and I'm glad making UR guide !
    kisses from 5 Terre …
    Melissa … nice video !

  9. Hi Melissa, great video! We are also planning to visit Cinque Terre this year at the beginning of August by car. Where would you recommend for us to park and in which one of the villages would you recommend for us to stay. We are planning to stay for 2 nights. Thanks!

  10. Could you reply on this comment please I used the wrong one Kere Johanson3 minutes agoHi Melissa Luv the video just planning our trip currently. How much approx. was the boat ride and what was the duration. Cheers

  11. Hi Melissa Luv the video just planning our trip currently. How much approx. was the boat ride and what was the duration. Cheers

  12. Hello Melissa, we are planning to go to cinque terre on November 2017. Definitely I am going to hike in somewhere. Looks fun. I am wondering what camera you had? Why is so stable when you walk, is any accessorie or tool to keep no shaking?. Thanks in advance

  13. Great video! we are planning to go for a week in July. Which village would you recommend the most for overnight stays?

  14. hi melissa, just watched your video. we are going to to a trip from zurich, switzerland to cinque terre. and we are gonig to take the train till monterosso and sleep there for a night, cause our train will arrive around midnight. and than the second night we will stay in verazze and de third night in riomaggiore and than back to verazze. what do you think? and can u give us some recommandation where we could stay. thanks for helping. big hug from switzerland, debby

  15. Which month did you go, planning on visiting cinque terre and want weather like that!

  16. Hi there! Stumbled upon your Cinque Terre video and loved it! I would like to know if there are lots of water taxis to choose from in Vernazza since we are going in June. Or do you have contact details for that water taxi driver? He seemed nice. Thanks in advance!

  17. Great video with helpful information! I will be going in May- wondering how you found the private boat tour? Do you have a name? thank you!

  18. Great Video!! Just wondering, do you need to get a Cinque Terre Pass? and Where do you get them from?

  19. did you take a boat tour and walk the trails to each village? i'm torn between which one to do, my husband and i are only there for two days and planning on stay in Monterosso thanks!

  20. Is it too far away to walk through the 5 Terre, and at the end of the day go back to where you're staying? Because I think it's best if you visit all of the 5 places in more than 1 day, however I don't know if it's a hassle to walk it back each time. Thanks 😊

  21. I love your video! I'm going here in June but will only be there for 2 days. What do you recommend seeing in such a short time?

  22. Loved the vlog! You guys got great shots,  I also have a couple of videos of Cinque Terre if you would like to check them out. New subie, subback if you'd like! 🙂

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