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Welcome to Copenhagen, Denmark! This stunning place is also called "The City of Spiers", and after arriving here, you will see why.

A tour of Copenhagen reveals cobblestone streets, beautiful canals and many 16th and 17th century buildings crowned by the towers. Do not let the archaic exterior of these buildings deceive you; They house very modern restaurants, theaters and shops, and you can easily spend days sampling seafood and cafes at the various restaurants.

One of Copenhagen's most beloved attractions is Tivoli Gardens, a theme park dating back to 1843. Watch a pantomime, ride one of the oldest roller coasters, or just enjoy a trip on a dragon boat. After a few hours in Tivoli Gardens, continue your visit to Copenhagen in the appropriate city. Copenhagen is like something of a fairy tale, full of multicolored houses and boats that dock on the Copenhagen docks.

Then rent a bike. With nearly 250 miles of bicycle lanes, moving around two wheels is a healthy and athletic way of getting to know the city. Ride your bike to Nyhavn, a seafront district dating from the 17th century. This is the place to make friends in the local pubs, or just sit and watch the boats come and go over the waters of the Oresund. Nyhavn is also home to "The Little Mermaid", a statue formed by the titular character in the short story Hans Christian Andersen. Be sure to bring your camera, as the mermaid is a popular place for a photo op.

Are you ready for your trip to Copenhagen?

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Copenhagen Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

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  1. At 2:21 the entire dome should have been shown. Its majestic, and I've heard is the same size as that of the St. Peter's Bascilica in Vatican 🙂

  2. I live in Orlando FL, and holy hell, these cities are just so beautiful, a million times better… Someday Ill move

  3. i went to copenhagen this summer, it was like " spot the danish guy" ,, cant believe u have so many immigrants over there…in not racist but thats a real shame

  4. Your videos are great, they do their job and make me want to book a flight and hotel LMAO

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