Costa Rica (Central-America) Vacation Travel Video Guide

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Travel video about the destination Costa Rica.
Costa Rica is a fascinating country in Central America bordered by Nicaragua and Panama, a natural paradise between the Caribbean and the Pacific. Located more than one thousand meters above sea level, San José, capital of Costa Rica, not only enjoys an idyllic location In the heart of the Central American coffee country, but also an enviable climate. The extent to which Costa Rica joins the European tradition can be seen in the National Theater. The coffee barons, who owe the glorious development of San Jose, created taxes for the export of coffee beans and financed the construction of the magnificent building. In a fertile mountain valley at the foot of a volcano is Turrialba, a city that radiates serene calm but was once an important station on the jungle train route from San Jose to the Atlantic coast. The Poas volcano crater is surrounded by the dense green of a rainforest and overlooks the northwest of Central Plateau. Although it is one of the most active volcanoes in the country, it is the most visited, since visitors can go by car almost to the edge of the crater. The aerial tramway of the rainforest is Costa Rica's most popular tourist attraction, a ride on an open gondola through the jungle. A journey of discovery amidst a treetop, which looms at the level of treetops through the solitude of nature. The fascinating nature, joy of life and colonial history are ubiquitous on this land bridge between North America and South America, Costa Rica is surely one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

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Costa Rica (Central-America) Vacation Travel Video Guide

Comments 46

  1. I wish people would stop expatriating to Costa Rica! Please leave!!! Europeans and Americans are racist and just come over and exploit it and make Costa Rican's their servants, and stupidly, Costa Rican's are letting them do that. Ticos, you need to step up your game and be company owners, own real estate, buy land, build condos and make gringos pay you rent, not the other way around!!!

  2. Theres a place right outside the airport that sells a ' typical Costa Rican meal ' that is really really awesome. I'm sure its on google. Cant recall the name. the girl I was seeing lived in Cartago and took me there.

  3. My father who is from Perez in Costa Rica said that mountain of death got its name from the people who died building the road not from car accidents. Even though there are some accidents.

  4. Costa Rica is greenest place on earth. if someone knows better place, please let me know

  5. beautiful video, thank you for showing the world our country, my nonmbre is Oscar greetings from our channel amanzing natrure Costa Rica

  6. It is not really a beautiful country as you are mentioning. I went there for 13 days and didn't see anything extraordinary. Go to South America and she the true pura vida.

  7. I was there!! I was there!! I was there!! San Jose, Puntarenas, Jaco, Manuel Antonio, Liberia, (all over). Just watch your back. It's still a 3rd world country and your a tourist.

  8. Very interesting invormative video!After watching I would like to go to Costa Rica! Very beautiful! Thank you!

  9. Nice video, however I think people would like it if when you show a new place, that you show a country map so we can know where we are in Costa Rica.  Love to travel there .  thanks

  10. GET RID of the interruptive commercials!!!! Not watching this now. Clicked off.

  11. You definitely will love Costa Rica. But please, AVOID San Jose like a plague. That shithole is an horrible, unsafe, dirty hell… I'm ashamed that it's our capitol city and lots of tourists are brought there all the time.

    Anywhere else is great… relatively safe and green.

  12. It is amazing because of it's rain forests and the national parks plus the beaches <3

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