England Travel Guide – Tour of Beachy Head

Take a tour of Beachy Head in England – part of the world's largest attraction series by GeoBeats.

In the English county of East Sussex, there lies a tranquil chalk promontory, the Beachy Head.

The formation of chalk began to accumulate more than 65 million years ago, around the period known as Late Cretaceous.

Located in the vicinity of the Seven Sisters' steep cliffs, this serene place is simply fascinating with magnificent views of the sea, sky and land.

There are two lighthouses built around this promontory, because it posed a significant threat to the ships.

Due to the continuous erosion of the cliffs, the Belle Lighthouse Everything had to be moved 17 meters inland.

Steep cliffs, pristine blue waters, green lands rest undisturbed in the spins of nature set to spellbind you.

Video credits to geobeats YouTube channel

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England Travel Guide – Tour of Beachy Head

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  1. Just a little pedantic correction: there is no definite article in the name. It is simply Beachy Head

  2. Oh shit that looks amazing cant we to go to england in the summer that will be the first 'beach' i go to

  3. While I was in England I saw Beachy Head and Eastbourne and I have to saw it was beautiful. Nice Video.

  4. Interesting post/ video .So close to my home and I have the enjoyment of photographing it through all seasons

  5. yeah, i live in eastbourne. the belle tout lighthouse wasnt shown, whilst talking about it you showed a shot of the othe lighthouse at beachyhead. you can also show the near by village of east dean with beautiful cuckmere river valley. lots of nice cafes for cream tea.
    plus from eastbourne beach you can get boat trips along to see beachy head from the sea

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