Florence in a nutshell HD – 1 of 2 – city guide for first-time visitors in Italy – travel guide

Italy travel guide: Florence, small and immense and at the same time, it is a most beautiful outdoor grown museum on The centuries; A treasure chest closed by ancient walls that safeguard grand masterpieces of art and architecture so close that it can almost be touched.
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Florence in a nutshell HD – 1 of 2 – city guide for first-time visitors in Italy – travel guide

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  1. It was mentioned in my school text-book in Hyderaba,A.P.,India that a nurse who served several sick- people was felicitated and given the title Florence Nitingale here.

  2. I also learned about Florence and the Renaissance era in my World Civilizations class in college.

  3. I went to Florence this summer, and it's my new favorite city. I loved everything in it, the art, the history, the scenery, not to mention all of DaVinci's inventions. Also, I found statues of my favorite poet everywhere, Dante Alighieri. 😀

  4. Astounding. The architecture and history are so rich it's mind-boggling. Really hard to comprehend it's real.

  5. Cool, I recently went to Florence and capture some things that i loved, you can see the video on my channel ^^ FLORENCE IS BEAUTIFUL

  6. An amazing review, with the much usefull information! I've just subscribed it. Information about the airports, hotels, and more is very needfull, it's very important for Me! Thanks!

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