Germany (Europe) Vacation Travel Video Guide

Travel video about the destination Germany.
Germany is situated in the center of Europe and is a land of diverse culture and tradition, from the Bavarian homeland in the south, and medieval splendor within its center, to its flourishing lifestyle in the east and large commercial cities in the North, is a Country that extends from the Alps to the North Sea. The Episcopal city of Passau sits between hills at the confluence of the Danube, Posada and Ilz. High above the rivers and strategically perched on a rock is the Veste Oberhaus castle complex, imposing and impenetrable. The salt trade enriched the city and the Italian baroque masters were allowed to create the urban landscape of the historic center. Starting at Würzburg On the Main, the Romantic Route leads to several well-known historical towns, castles and palaces. Between 1642 and the middle of the eighteenth century, three princes-bishops gave the city its baroque architecture and also the castle known as the residence. Nuremberg is the "secret capital" of German Franconia and "treasure of the German Reich", the epitome of German romanticism and tradition with a long history and bitter memories of very recent times. An imperial city that in fact became the city of party rallies but has never lost its benevolent spirit. Dresden is the capital of the German free state of Saxony, an important center of culture with a remarkable history. Although almost completely destroyed at the end of World War II and for many years hidden behind the Iron Curtain, today the city shines in all its former splendor. Hamburg is a lively metropolis in northern Germany and for many centuries was a gateway to the world and a work of art with many different faces. Each year, on May 7th, Harbor Birthday is celebrated when people from all over the world gather in the different galleries of the landing places to celebrate a great party. With its culture and many diverse and beautiful landscapes, Germany is now one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe.

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Germany (Europe) Vacation Travel Video Guide

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