Globe Trekker – Central America (Costa Rica & Nicaragua) featuring Neil Gibson

Neil Gibson's journey begins in San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, where he gets caught up in the election rush and visits a group of volunteers who They try to fight the problem of poverty that still exists in the outskirts of San José.

From San Jose, Neil connects with a Harley tour and crosses to the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. It is a refuge for wildlife that has the largest number of bird species in the world. Here Neil has close encounters with rare birds, tarantulas and deadly snakes, before reaching the Arenal Volcano, where he relaxes in the mystical atmosphere of the volcanic hot springs.

Heading towards western Liberia, Neil plays at being a cowboy and goes to a bullfight, where his Scottish charm takes him to the honor of dancing with the rodeo queen. From Liberia, Neil heads south to rest on the Pacific coast at Montezuma, a place frequented by popular travelers.

The next stage of the trip takes Neil across the border by boat to Nicaragua. Your first stop is in the historic city of El Castillo, where you find a guide and head to explore the surrounding jungle. Neil has to find his dinner and ends up eating roasted rat around the campfire.

North of El Castillo is the lake of Nicaragua. Neil travels through this lake to the Solentiname archipelago, and stops at the Isle of Mancarrón, where he learns the roles that people played during the revolution in Nicaragua. On Sunday afternoon, Neil plays baseball and as part of the winning team celebrates it with rum that is made locally and fermented in human excrement. While on the island, Neil also researches the local art scene and discovers how the turbulent history of the Islands has influenced the art produced.

Passing the Soletiname archipelago, Neil arrives in Granada, where he visits a cigar factory and learns to roll his own. From here he attacks Managua, the capital of Nicaragua. Neil explores this city, which was devastated by an earthquake in 1972, and discovers that moving is not easy, because many streets have no names and people use buildings that are no longer points of reference. Neil finds a guide and goes to the road with a cyclist who shows him the sights and sounds of the nightlife of Managuas.

On a more serious note, Neil also visits the Museum of Heroes and Martyrs, and the Peace Park, which brings home the realities of decades of fighting, in a war that killed more than 30,000 people.

Neil approaches Diramba, where the annual religious festival was held. After joining the colorful festivities, travel to the serene landscape of the Masaya Volcano. It is a four-hour trip to the edge of the crater, known by the Indians as the land of the gods, and known by the Spaniards as the mouth of hell. It is here in this dramatic landscape that Neil ends his adventure through Central America.

Video credits to pilotguides YouTube channel

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Globe Trekker – Central America (Costa Rica & Nicaragua) featuring Neil Gibson

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