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El Salvador, Honduras
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Travel to Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Belize to meet local people and explore the Mayan cities of Cop, Tikal, Joya de Ceren and Lamanai.

Travel to Guatemala | Route of the Mayas | Adventure Travel Abroad

Watch our video of travelers in Central America as they immerse themselves in the local culture, trace the route of the ancient Mayas and meet their modern descendants in four different countries:

Meet young students at a local school
Explore the colonial city of Antigua
Learn the Mayan knitting tradition

Route of the Mayas
El Salvador • Honduras • Guatemala • Belize

See our video on our Mayan adventure route to learn how you can experience the rich culture and history of Central America, from colorful Mayan fabrics to ancient ruins, including:

Learn about local woodcarving and weaving
Enjoy a homemade lunch on a visit to the village
See a demonstration of making tortillas

Day by day itinerary
Small groups: Never more than 10-16 travelers guaranteed!

Travel to Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Belize to deepen the legacies of the ancient Mayan civilization. More than 3,000 years ago, this sophisticated culture emerged from the wet rainforests, blossomed for centuries and then disappeared. At that time, the Maya created a complex writing system, devised a calendar equivalent to ours, introduced the concept of zero in mathematics, predicted lunar and solar eclipses, and built the highest structures in the Western Hemisphere. Sleepy Town Today, its ghostly remains are scattered throughout Central America in an ancient 1,500-mile-long trading ring known as La Ruta Maya. From ruins to rituals to rural villages, we will trace the footsteps of the enigmatic Mayan culture as only OAT can in our small brand groups. On the way, we will find modern descendants who preserve their Mayan heritage with jade carvings, colorful fabrics and warm hospitality. Join us as we travel back in time to explore the Mayan Route.
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Guatemala Travel Guide (HD)

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