Guatemala Travel Video Guide

Guatemala Video Travel Guide – Guatemala has a rich and distinctive culture of the long mix of elements from Spain and the native Maya people. This diverse history and the natural beauty of the land have created a destination rich in interesting and picturesque sites.

Touring a mountainous part of Central America immediately to the south of Mexico, Guatemala is loaded with incredible natural, historical and cultural appeal. As the birthplace and heart of the ancient Mayas, the country is defined in many ways by the legacy of this early civilization. Its rainforest cities were abandoned centuries ago, but the Maya continue to thrive in the Guatemalan highlands, where religious rituals and rituals, mixed with Catholic practices, last to form the richest and most distinctive indigenous identity in the hemisphere.

Guatemala is nowadays a synthesis of Mayan and colonial traditions, merged with the omnipresent influences of Latin and American culture of the 21st century. Baroque churches that date back to the Spanish conquest coexist with pagan temples that have been places of worship for millennia. Highland's street markets thrive alongside large shopping malls, and pre-Columbian festival dances are performed by hip-hop teenage fans.

All this in your Guatemala travel guide!

Video credits to The Best Travel Video Guides YouTube channel

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Guatemala Travel Video Guide

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  1. la musica si me puso tenso de noche no creo poder ber el bideo el paiz es dibino guatemala si fuera de mexico fuera el mas bello estado sin ofender .y creo k sibfuera de mexico .mexico imbirtiera mas en infraestructura auque guatemala si la tiene pero nesecita mas .

  2. Are there libraries in Guatemala? I'm going to travel in Central America from October on and I'm not quite sure if I need to buy an e-book as I want to read Spanish books/learn Spanish grammar on road.

  3. halgo estupido ,ensenan playas cosas bonitas,y en ves. de poner tropical,alegre ,musica funebre ponen esos,BURROS. LA cagan

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