How Expensive is AMSTERDAM, Netherlands? Walking Tour, Food & More

In this video I explore Amsterdam, Holland and show how much things cost.
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Video created by Gabriel Morris, who owns all video or photo content. It is shot with an Olympus SP-810UZ and / or a GoProHero Plus LCD screen.

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How expensive is AMSTERDAM, Netherlands? Walking, Food and more

Video credits to Gabriel Traveler YouTube channel

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How Expensive is AMSTERDAM, Netherlands? Walking Tour, Food & More

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  1. Next time try Wok to Walk for a cheap eat, it's amazing and delish. You chose the noodles, the protein, the veggies and the sauce. Very cool concept

  2. Never try to take Cannabis out of Holland. The train will be searched with police dogs the first stop in the next country. I was warned and sure enough saw it with my own eyes.

  3. You can bttr go to zwolle bttr weed for cheaper😜 and food is cheaper,city looks almost the same but smaller not a red light district then you must go to Utrecht to the red bridge amsterdam is more a tourist rip of place😆( my opinion) and one tip smoking weed is not legal there are rules for it each city got his own rules for it for smoking outsite or drinking outside

  4. nice tour but please try and hold the camera still. way to shaky and the pans way to fast . id watch more

  5. everywhere in the centre of amsterdam are supermarkets. it can be very cheap if you want to. but your vidz give a good idea what the prizes are in amsterdam. amsterdam is not cheap. rome/paris are cheaper but they are not as nice as amsterdam. no city is as nice as amsterdam!

  6. Amsterdam can be pretty cheap for a mayor European city. Just don't go to and use everything that has tourism written all over it and you'll be fine.

  7. you have not seen anything of the real country. and so you have no idea what holland is realy like you only know what the tourist places let you see and thats not reality

  8. how much commission do you make when somebody signs up under your travel insurance affilliate link?

  9. gabriel, your amsterdam hostel was very far away from the city centre. for 33 euro/night, that is expensive. good vid tho!

  10. Wasn't the restaurant you were searching for called "eazie" instead of "sumo"? It is the same concept of choosing your own noodles, meat, veggies and sauce. It also costs around 6-10€ (depends what you get). Maybe for a next time! 😊

  11. Also DO NOT film the girls in the red light district and DO NOT go to the bulldog it's a shit place you can get better and cheaper weed anywhere else

  12. Honestly if you're a tourist you are a lot better off walking rather than taking the tram. The centre is so small and since tourists don't really care for the rest you better go for a nice walk

  13. You better buy a chip card for 7,50 and put some money on it, you save 60% on what you did.

  14. You did pretty good there what price is concerned, especially for Amsterdam. The bring your own salt thing kinda puzzled me though, and i'm Dutch!

  15. "This is The Netherlands" pointing at a sexist poster that a radio station had put in sheltered bus stop. Good start of the vid with a pre justification. There was a lot of protest against this poster so don't believe it is "normal" in the Netherlands. Thanks!

  16. You are a perfect example of a tourist who didn't do his home work, all those things where expensive because it is for the tourist, you should ask a local where to eat, drink, smoke or anything! Those shops and everything are waaaaay to expensive!

  17. Dude, Sumo had in big letters ALL YOU CAN EAT. Or like you can eat tons of sushi and grill for that price! You can not get cheaper sushi!

  18. if you want cheaper foods then you need to go to the supermarket i live in the Netherlands en i never paid 1 euro for a apple or a banana

  19. Like this video. Watched it from begin till end. But Amsterdam is quite expensive and overrated anyway. I find Rotterdam, the Hague and Maastricht much more interesting in the Netherlands.

  20. I can imagine it is big business to run a ho(s)tel in Amsterdam. 33 euro per night for a bed in a crappy room with total strangers. Wow

  21. Maoz is a delicious (and cheap) place if you're looking for vegetarian food. It's about 5€ for a pita bread with falafel balls and some lettuce, then you can add unlimited free toppings from the salad bar. There is one halfway between Central Station and Dam Square and another at Munt Plein. There is another in a shopping street near Leidseplein, however I've only been there once.

  22. Buying fruit at the most expensive shop in Amsterdam is not clever to show in your video..

  23. As a Dutch person, I found it very rude for you to block the seat with your bag. But that is just the regular student in me who has to travel every day by train. ( for free yay)

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