How Expensive is Travel in LISBON & Portugal? Budget Travel Tips

Document my expenses while traveling from Lisbon to Sintra, Portugal.
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How expensive is it to travel in LISBON and Portugal? Cheap Travel Tips

Video credits to Gabriel Traveler YouTube channel

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How Expensive is Travel in LISBON & Portugal? Budget Travel Tips

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  1. pretty impressive the way you just hop on a public bus to a non-touristy residential area in a strange place and just find your way to your hostel 👏👏👏 … does it ever get stressful or are you so used to it by now?

  2. i love watching ur videos. very informative! u know what? the most important to me when i travel is the expenses esp the local native foods. and that's exactly what your doin in your vids. and of course the rest are the places, culture, and everything. tnx man. more power to ya!!! 😊

  3. I'm so excited right now >ω< Cause I'm actually going to Portugal in 3 weeks I can't wait XD!! First time I'll be traveling alone OMG ;-;

  4. Perhaps you can describe the type of cards you use to get around (Bus ect) like the orange card in this vid.. where did you get it the cost!? Do you have a cell phone? if yes do you need a new sim? how about internet? Do you ever buy a sim?

  5. When I was in Lisbon I found an all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant near Rossio station for EUR 8.40 for dinner. I ate a lot of really good grilled meats and thought that was a pretty good deal.

  6. Setúbal its the best…to relax,beautifull sea and the fish waaw 👍👍perfect…..

  7. Maybe can you help us. Is there any Lisbon transportartion card for tourists? …4/3 Days Card which includes all kind of transportation (Metro/Bus)like in another cities of Europe?

  8. you're the first American who calls subway a metro 😛 I've heard some Americans refer to soccer as football and then using the metric system as well.

  9. Hey man been obsessed with your videos and found this one! I'm going to Lisbon this summer so I'm looking forward to watching all your videos about it. Also, I recommend you go visit warsaw, I lived there for 4 months and its really cheap with plenty to do, plus the trains are amazing so you can visit every major city pretty easily. Best of luck with your travels my friend, if you ever need shown about Northern Ireland please message me

  10. My brother is stranded there at the Lisbon airport, he had a layover over there and he hates it! maybe that's why I've never met anybody who wants to visit this damn country.

  11. Portugal is not just Lisbon. Lisbon is an expensive city. Saying that Portugal is not a cheap country to visit when you go only to Lisbon and surroundings it's unfair. Try Braga, Viseu, Coimbra, Caldas da Rainha, Óbidos Guimarães… Portugal is SO much more than just Lisbon

  12. Inspiring Video about budget, very useful tips for traveling Portugal, Thanks a lot 😉

  13. you see a whole menu of bread and olives, soup or salad, main course fish or meat choice with drink & dessert included for 9.50€ and you choose a lousy pizza from some indian restaurant and a draft to save what 3 eur?

  14. This is really not an accurate description of "how expensive" Portugal is and a bit naive as well. This guy went to the 2 most tourist visited places in ALL of Portugal and concluded that Portugal is not very cheap. Anyone who has spent a little bit of time in Portugal knows it is probably the cheapest country in all of Europe. Do more research and you will find this is true.

  15. am planning to visit lisbon portugal in march 2017, plesae give me info the current rate of hostel accommodatin

  16. Is 5 nights really required for Lisbon? I went last week and for me 2 nights was just enough.

  17. Bro I'm planning to movie Portugal for my masters is a nice place to leave and what are the chances to get a part time jobs if possible and accommodation and food prices thanks for videos

  18. nowadays it's very expensive visit lisbon, it's like 3x more than the rest of the country

  19. You are great at show menu and prices. You are in the second oldest capital of any country in Europe and you are showing menus… monserra cant be missed buddy

  20. Sorry but this video really made me mad. buying fruits in that store id not at all a budget tip!! nore cadh withdrawl at sn ATM and even worse change offices!!!'

  21. Dude, is it possible for you to get a camera with a optical stabilizer? I'm getting dizzy watching your videos because of all the camera shake 🙁

  22. Have you thought about couch surfing? There is a free app that shows free places to stay with various hosts for free😊

  23. wow….$9.50 for lunch is pretty cheap but 3$ in Cambodia is too expensive…wow

  24. hello gabriel 🙂
    i am from Nepal
    i love your all videos
    plz make some videos of poland warsaw

  25. Hello Gabriel I love watching your videos. Have you done any on South America? I am interested in your views on Colombia.

  26. You are asme kind of quick, to edit the way you do:) Thank for the performance of your gifts, peace to you friend.

  27. Loved the video. Not sure I agree with you about the cost, generally I would say that Portugal is much much cheaper than Amsterdam. You're in a tourist place and can find a lunch set menu for $7?

    Remember in Amsterdam you were paying upwards of $5 for a small snack.

    Also the subway at 1.40 euros a trip is cheap as hell. In the UK it's about $4 a trip on the subway, maybe more. In regards to pricing UK people think that Portugal is cheap, you can get decent hotels for $60 a night [split two ways] with pool and breakfast, and us Brits think the price of beer equals the price of a country, so getting a beer for 1.50 is a bargain considering in London it's at least $7 in any sit down place.I think generally you have a ranking in Europe

    Scandinavia/Iceland[if you don't include it in Scandi]/UK
    Rest of Eastern Europe

    That's going down from most to least expensive.

  28. Love this tour around Portugal! Awesome vid, Gabe!! That pizza lunch rocked unlike the price and 30 min wait of the one I had recently in Guam!

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