How Expensive is Traveling in SWITZERLAND? One Day in the Swiss Alps

In this video I explore a small town in Switzerland and show how much things cost.
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Video created by Gabriel Morris, who owns all video or photo content. Shot with a Canon PowerShot ELPH 360 HS.

Gabriel is a world traveler and travel writer who has been venturing around the world from time to time since his first trip to Europe in the summer of 1990 when he was 18 years old. He is the author of "Follow My Thumb," a collection of 26 exciting and hilarious autobiographical travel stories of his worldly adventures during the 1990s; And he has written several other books available on and elsewhere.

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How expensive is traveling in SWITZERLAND? A day in the Swiss Alps

Video credits to Gabriel Traveler YouTube channel

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How Expensive is Traveling in SWITZERLAND? One Day in the Swiss Alps

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  1. Tipping is not expected in masses type establishments but in a restaurant? Yes. CHF 100 meal tip CHF 2-3 maximum. I tip my barber CHF 5 and I bust a butt to always go back to the girls. I like how the Yankees tip. And I have been lucky in life to end up here. But if you make a effort to be polite and get the crap treatment then no tip.

  2. Denner is the discount supermarket. And the laws governing food quality are very good. No genetically modified food allowed.

  3. Transportation is not cheap but… trains are on time to the second. As well as what you have rightly stated. CHF 25 for a steak is a good price for SUI.

  4. I've noticed you filming and looking at that girl at 6:40. Hi 5 bro! Yeah, how come you haven't visited more of Croatia, like Zagreb (the capital), or Istria ( the coastline)

  5. Very smooth. Checking out the running girl while talking about shaving cream. Perfectly timed pan.

  6. noooooo you can't buy bread like this (except if your lactose & gluten intolerant because that bread is free of both) go to a bakery. you can get freshly baked bread for the same price.

  7. public transports in switzerland is the most expensive in europe…..(maybe in the world) compare to the distance..that why switzerland has swisspass ticket for tourists ^_^

  8. its not 100% right that tipping isnt expected here, you dont have to yes but its kinda polite

  9. Re: Public Transport – yep, it's expensive as hell in Switzerland, there's really no way around that unfortunately.
    FlixBus, which you described in detail in your other video (

    ), is currently by far the most affordable option for long distance travel in Switzerland.
    That is, if you can combine it with entering the country. Because: FlixBus is a German company, and is currently not allowed to directly compete with the quasi-monopoly that is public transport in Switzerland (SBB and regional bus companies). That's why they're only allowed to offer itineraries that service Swiss cities if it's a border-crossing route, i.e. the passenger either leaves or enters Switzerland as part of their journey. So you couldn't book a journey from say Basel to ZΓΌrich with them.

    However, you can still book a journey from a Swiss city to a German town close to the border, and simply get off earlier while still in Switzerland – currently no one is going to stop you from doing that as far as I know, and there's definitely people doing that (FlixBus got fined because of that). It's quite absurd, but it might actually be substantially cheaper, so worth looking into.

    Other quick tips:
    – For inner-city transport, if you're doing more than two trips, event short ones, look into day passes ("Tageskarten"). You can get them at the ticket vending machines.
    – If you're planning a train ride (SBB), look into their so called supersaver tickets: If you're willing to commit to a particular train connection in advance, these can get you discounts up to 50%.
    – Stay away from taxis. They are ridiculously overpriced in Switzerland, with both high initial and per distance fees. Uber is a thing, but nowhere as ubiquitous here as e.g. in the US.

  10. Had to chuckle when I saw you picked up the strawberry yoghurt drink πŸ™‚ That's definitely a very Swiss thing, and I like it a lot as well. No so much the sliced bread though: For some reason, that's just not a thing in Switzerland. You can rarely find it, and it's even more rare that locals actually buy it (with the exception of bread for toasting).
    Instead we buy whole loafs of bread, or smaller rolls. In any decently sized grocery store you'll have a dedicated aisle for just freshly baked bread, with lots of options. Sliced bread, if you can find it, will also be way more expensive: Your's appeared to be 5.- for 500g. Whereas pretty much anywhere in Switzerland, the price for a loaf of dark bread is 1.10 for 500g, or 1.20 for white bread. So that's nearly five times cheaper, and likely to be oven-fresh and still warm if you get it from a bakery or a supermarket with a high turnaround.

  11. Re: Pharmacy – in Switzerland, you usually really only buy actual medical supplies in pharmacies (i.e. OTC or prescription meds) – the other stuff is way too overpriced, as you noticed.
    There's literally a term called "Apotheker-Preise" (=pharmacist's prices) in German, which refers to rip-off prices or otherwise grossly overpriced items. So unless you need consulting from a medical professional about which shaving cream works best for your sensitive skin and/or side effects with medication you're taking, buy your shaving cream at the supermarket πŸ˜‰ In a pharmacy, you'll be paying quite a hefty premium for toiletries, hygiene products and the like. Also (larger) supermarkets carry common bandaids. Basically I'd say, locals only every go to the pharmacy for stuff you really can't get anywhere else, which mostly is medication (both OTC and prescription).

  12. let me know if you wanna catch up, I can show you around in Luzern and around the lake πŸ™‚

  13. Haha! I think this destination will have to wait for me. Filming vlogs on a budget means more Southeast Asia exploration. LOL πŸ˜‚βœŒοΈ

  14. Switzerland is one of the most beautiful countries, but if you don't look like them, then you are going to feel some type of discrimination. simple stuff like going to a restaurant for example, they are not even willing to help you with the menu!! I have stayed in maybe 4 hotels, all were 4 stars, common dominator between them all, is small rooms!!. which, makes you wounder, how are they rating the hotels!!

    beautiful county but the people are very stiff

  15. I was staying in luzern switzerland for a couple days this month and it's expensive as fuck. I payed 8.95 swiss franks for a single whopper at burger king.. wtf

  16. one small request please. when showing prices and items please don't zoom in, zoom out then move the camera around so fast, almost getting motion sickness. LOL. sometimes zooming in actually blurs everything and we can't read it. just leave the camera at one distance (showing a few items), we can see the prices quite clearly. thank you.

  17. Hey Gabriel! If you're passing by BERN or FRIBOURG just write me up! I would live to show some inside of the city

  18. lol here in Guatemala the mascot for choco crispies is an elefant I think it is for the whole latin-america as well.

  19. Aloha, I live in CH. The trick for cheap transportation is tageskarte (sometimes you can buy it in supermarket or postoffice). For 40 CHF You can travel with all public transportation for 24h (trains, boats, buses and some of the lifts). You can buy halbtax card as well and this will save you 50% on tickets prices (170 CHF for a yearly subscription). We have swiss coupon called deindeal and for sure you can find nice promotions for some scenic train rides πŸ™‚ If you go to trains station you can ask about promotions. There are several combined deals each week (e.g you can take a super nice train ride to Rigi with a meal and on the way back you take boat for 90chf Zurich- Rigi – Lucern – Zurich) Food deals : try to check denner or aldi – much cheaper. for accommodation you can try camping places as they could have much better deals.

  20. Not sure if you drink milk but you can get raw milk from vending machines in Switzerland. Make sure you have a bottle. I recently tried some and it was amazing.
    7:39 yeah that's why you need to buy your food in grocery stores. Keep your eye out for a Lidl and limit your time in those expensive restaurants. Just across the border in Germany beers are about $1 for a half liter of very tasty hefeweisen.

  21. Hello Switzerland looks beautiful ! Really enjoying your videos ! Have a question for you,have you ever gotten sick from eating streets foods? Thanks

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