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Discover Ireland on this guided tour, deepen the magic of Galway's Emerald Isle – a charming town on the west coast of Ireland – to its bustling Dublin capital.

From charming and green landscapes to Celtic customs and Celtic traditions, see Ireland coming to life through the eyes of our travelers:

Immerse yourself in the magic of the Emerald Isle, from lush and green landscapes to enrich the Old World cities full of legend and song. Watch our video for more information:

Explore the famous Blarney Castle in Cork
Glass blowing light in Waterford
Enjoy a home-made lunch in Cobh

Day by day itinerary

While traveling through Ireland, go deep into a land rich in history, legend, bustling music and green landscapes. Start your trip in Galway, a charming town on the west coast of Ireland, where there is a melody playing around every corner. Explore the mysterious landscape of the Burren and the captivating Cliffs of Moher while traveling to Killarney, home to the 110-mile Ring Ring of Kerry. Then embark for Cork and its nearby seaport of Cobh, where thousands of Irish emigrated during the famine of the potato. Leaving Cork, you will continue to Kilkenny, where you will stay two nights in this historic city on our new 2014 itinerary, before finally arriving at the cosmopolitan capital of the Irish Republic, Dublin. This guided tour of Ireland is an in-depth discovery of the Emerald Isle: its traditions, its lands and, above all, the gregarious charm of its people.
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The Irish landscape retains a pastoral charm with picturesque accents such as thatched huts

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Ireland Travel Guide, Tourism, Vacation HD

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  1. I got mugged while driving along a lonely country road. They had guns, I think it was the IRA. I will never go back

  2. I like soo much Ireland especially Tha music it like something make you feel in natural life … hope to travel there soon and get married from that beautiful place .

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