Ireland Travel Guide Vlog Vacation Trip Things to do in Dublin What Places Visit See Tour Tips Diary

Gaelic games:
K Club:
Phoenix Park (wild deer):
Book of Kells:
Guinness Tour:
Trim Castle:
Storytelling in The Brazenhead (Fairies and Folklore):
Lough Eske Castle:
Giant's Causeway:
Dark Hedges:
Bike the Greenway:
Ashford Castle:
Hawk Walk:
Salt Hill (Diving):
Cliffs of Moher:
Doolin Cave:
Aran View Hotel:
Killeen House Hotel – Traveler Reviews –
Killarney Park Horse and Boat):
Gaelic Roots Show:
Skellig Michael (fastest boat): 353 87 617 8114 Joe
Online Booking (Other Boat):
Kayak with mushrooms:
Blarney Castle:
Bioluminescent night kayak:

My drone:
My Canon camera with 3 lenses:

Irish Forests by Jamie Nord
Irish Tin Whistle by TeknoAXE
Collection of the Druids by the Running Wolf
Olympus by Ross Bugden
"Celtic Impulse" and "Angevin B" by Kevin MacLeod
Erase misfortune by Brigan
Good for you by THBD

Video credits to Rick Buck YouTube channel

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Ireland Travel Guide Vlog Vacation Trip Things to do in Dublin What Places Visit See Tour Tips Diary

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  1. Thanks for posting, I'm going on my honeymoon next month to Ireland and would like to know the name of the show you saw in Killarney?

  2. THIS WAY AMAAZZING !! I'm from Ireland and Galway is pronounced Gaulway 🤗👍and the man wasn't playing the flute he was playing the tin whistle (it's an Irish instrument 😋)THIS WAS STILL AMMAZINNG

  3. Eagles flying in ballymote though its not a falconery as such but a conservation facility for birds of prey .They have shows every day

  4. correction. Brazen head is not the oldest bar in Ireland…so many things are actually wrong with this video!

  5. From someone that has lived in Ireland and seen these sceneries and watched so many travel guides, I can honestly say that this is by far the best one. It catches the medieval characteristics of this magical place that has the power of a time capsule. I miss it so much! I feel like in some other lifetime I was born Irish. For me, it's the best place in the world.

  6. Rick, I apologize for my previous post concerning deleting comments. I'm obviously brain dead and didn't notice it was right where I left it! Anyway, my wife and I were very impressed. Rick Steves has nothing on you! Great job.

  7. Rick, are you deleting comments? What a disappointment! Was telling my wife about your vlog, and checked back only to find out my post and some others from "locals" were no longer posted.

  8. Fun to see your great photography! We met you and your wife while you were setting up your drone on the DP. Glad to be able to watch the finished product… Michele

  9. this video made me cringe so much it's so American like what was with that terrible fake trad music and the way he pronounced everything oh god also they were cycling on the wrong side of the road that just annoyed me

  10. what the hell does 'just outside northern Ireland mean' ? Jesus Christ Americans would drive someone insane with their stupidity.

  11. Would love to have seen a tracking map every so often in your video to show the route you traveled! <3

  12. Are there logistics involved in going to Northern Ireland after being in Ireland? (border checks, tolls etc.)

  13. How long did you stay in Ireland? How did you get around mostly? I'm interested in taking the train. If it's not too forward, how much did the trip cost? Does using a different currency pose a challenge?

  14. Love how your wife brought beautiful dresses to take pictures on the cliffs and castles!! That's what I would love to do <3

  15. WOW top-quality video!!!! Thanksssss!!!! My brothers and I are going to Ireland in September

  16. Rick, very professional vlog (again!). You're wife looks Irish! So green, calm. Thanks for the hours to. Pu

  17. I'm only 6 minutes in and this is the best Travel Vlog ever. Thanks now I gotta go to Ireland.

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