Lisbon Travel Guide: A Night and Day in Portugal with Jack Guinness | EP. 2 | British GQ

In the second part of our city guides, Jack Guinness explores the feeling of the Portuguese capital in just 24 hours. With the most attractive restaurant in Lisbon, Alma, a thriving district of industrial arts and a ride on local transport- a tuk tuk-this is your essential Lisbon. Drink responsibly with Haig Club.

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A night and a day in Libson:
+ 9Hotel Mercy – Hotel
+ Soul – Restaurant with refined cuisine
+ Five Lounge – Cocktail Bar
+ Embassy – Store Gallery and Concept Store
+ LX Factory – Arts District
+ Read Devagar – Bookstore and Cafe

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A night and a day in Lisbon with Jack Guinness I Episode 2 | Haig Club | British QA
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Lisbon Travel Guide: A Night and Day in Portugal with Jack Guinness | EP. 2 | British GQ

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  1. Thanks for bringing this vow food video…. Adv. Raj from Mumbai | India

  2. 1 night in lisbon and he has 1 cocktail and went to bed. What a complete fanny.
    P.s haig club is an absolutely shite whisky that relies on morons like you liking the bottle.

  3. I am so glad to watch online reviews of Lisbon which do not follow the needs of those only looking for sex, drunken nights and cheap hotels!

  4. What an idiot. The dude cannot even try to pronounce Portuguese words, instead saying everything in Spanish and French ignorant fool.

  5. this is painful to watch, his head's so far up his own ass i don't think he can actually see what the real world is like

  6. that is not the real Lisbon, he just showed Lisbon for wealthy people, but if you are an ordinary tourist the only thing that you can afford here is the S. Jorge Castle and the LX Factory and it's book store

  7. So many comments about "Adios" and the few other words he tried, but the reality is that he tried, if you work in tourism you realize that most people don't even try. And that is sad, but true. This video is great because it shows Lisboa and Portugal!

  8. In that blue suit I am sure you will blend in nicely with the locals! I'm amazed at the Portuguese: Their English is so good!

  9. Wow that "vamos" was horrible 😂😂 nice video though (except for the "adios" part -.- that's Spanish…)

  10. "Adios" at the end, for me as a portuguese national, was like a punch in the stomach.
    He didn't even got a single word right in portuguese……

  11. Him saying 'adios' (a Spanish, not Portuguese word) at the end pained me in the guts a bit.

  12. Ciao tutti, – just a quick question, – does anybody recognize the sunglasses he is sporting ? 🙂

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