Lofoten (Norway) Vacation Travel Video Guide

Travel video about the destination Lofoten in Norway.
The Lofots, the Vikings who built a base here in the 9th century, called these islands at the northern tip of Europe, The Isles of the Gods. Remnant of the Alps, this group of islands right next to the beautiful Norwegian coast lies between one hundred and three hundred kilometers north of the Polar Circle. The origins of the first Lofotes date back to the beginning of earth's history and are more than three and a half million years old. The Vestfjord played a vital role in the settlement of the islands. From the third century BC. The settlers survived by cultivating the land and raising animals, and fishing also played an important role. As the cod of the polar sea migrates each year to the Vestfjord in late winter, more and more fishing families live in this area. Rocks, sandy beaches, meadows and marshes form a truly unified landscape. Therefore, it is not surprising that the landscape of the Lofotes is now so popular among the various artists who come to this region.

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Lofoten (Norway) Vacation Travel Video Guide

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  2. The 90's called, they want their synthesizers back. Just kidding, great video! 🙂

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