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Shepherd Entertainment takes you on a tour of Messina, the third largest city in Sicily. Your visitors can enjoy the huge
The port and church of San Francesco was named after St. Francis of Assisi.

If we mention Messina everyone thinks about the Strait of Messina. This is the point where we can reach Sicily from Italy by ferry.

As the city of two and a half thousand years old was almost destroyed in the two catastrophes, one of which was the earthquake of 1908 and the second was the Second World War. They can not boast as many monuments as their neighbors. Its huge port itself is a colorful and exciting show. Its worth visiting the church of San Francesco was named after St. Francis of Assisi. In front of it you can see the life-size statue of the saint who opens his arms towards us.

Annunziata dei Catalani Church is the only Norman monument in Messina. In front of it, is the statue of Don Juan of Austria that overcame the Greeks and the naval battle in Lepanto.

The minister in Messina has not kept anything of its original form after being converted twice. Montreal Soli's most famous work "The Orion Well" made in 1547 was very beautiful. The four figures of this well signify the four large rivers – the Tiberius, the Nile, the Ebro, and the Cameramus. The statues of the original work can be found in the Nazinale Museum in Nacina. The one in the square is a certified copy. A trip up to the Minister's 60-meter free bell is worth it for the view of the city and the harbor. The spectacular astronomical clock is not as old as we thought. It was made in 1933. Its golden figures come alive every 15 minutes to designate the passage of time with the-

The three ancient doors of the facade with some Gothic sculptures remained of the XV and XVI centuries. The rest was destroyed by earthquakes and bombs. In the quadrants of the astronomical clock, we can observe the changes of the moon and stars.

The three-aisle interior with carpeted frame roof is the result of renovations after World War II. Only some tombs and mosaics of the Apses are original; But, the painting and the sculptures are also very beautiful.

The romantic atmosphere of Sicily has inspired several artists, sculptors, painters, and of course, poets. Climbing up the hill, the narrow path between two stone barriers, our eyes from the north see an orange. Palm trees flowing on stone walls, Tuscolanum, dell sound of a cricket. Cicero listens at night. White, fresh wine in the cellars, Casanova drank this.

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Messina in Sicily – Travel Guide Italy

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