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When planning a trip to Nice, France, you are in good company: This city has been a tourist destination since at least the eighteenth century. The European aristocracy often spent its winters in pleasant weather, with a sunset stroll on the coast is the highlight of every day.

You can walk in your footsteps-literally- with a stroll along the Promenade des Anglais, which roughly translates to the English Walk. On a tour of Nice, you will enjoy the blend of French and Italian culture that permeates the city's architecture, public art, and yes, food. Bon Appetite!

Residents of Nice are passionate about the outdoors, as well as exploring Massena Square, the main square of the city, where you can enjoy a snack in a coffee shop or shop in their many boutiques. Any tour of Nice requires exploring one of the many outdoor markets where you can pick up fresh produce, local artwork and French pastries that will leave you wondering why you waited so long to visit.

Cap a perfect day in Nice with a swim in the ocean and a walk along the seashore, watching the sun disappear into the sea.

What are you going to eat while you are in Nice?

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Nice Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

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  1. Nice, conheço e fui várias vezes, com meu esposo, sogra e sogro. Depois foram meus filhos comigo. A Av. a beira da praia é excelente para caminhar e ver os turistas, os hoteis de luxo, cassino. Eu me encantei com essa cidade. O aeroporto é na costa da cidade de Nice. Você sai do areroporto e já depara com a cidade.

  2. As always, many many many clichés. Very stupid. Why always accordeon music ? Why always only show the old city side and never the new side ? Always restaurant, fruits. Im belgian living in France, cliché like that are stupid and boring. And it's about The 5th world economy….

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