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Welcome to Oslo, the capital city of Norway.

Centuries ago, Vikings sail boats hovered around Norway. Some of these advanced ships survived the following years and found their way to the Viking Ship Museum, which is a must see on any tour of Oslo. The three ships that are exhibited here have been recovered from various parts of the country, and the museum also contains a number of artifacts from the Viking age. Norway's rich connection with the sea did not stop with the Vikings, however; Just over a mile away from the Viking Ship Museum are several other educational complexes dedicated to salt water flowing through the veins of Oslo. Visit the Norwegian Maritime Museum, the Kon-Tiki Museum and the Fram Museum to get a better idea of ​​Oslo's maritime heritage.

While in the city, stop at the Nobel Peace Center-yes, this is the same place where the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded. The center itself shows the prize winners, and highlights their impact on the world at large. After an afternoon strolling through the center, get ready for a night of extraordinary live performances, as the Oslo Opera House is just a short walk away. This majestic building, with its sloping roofs and its huge wall of windows, has been compared to an iceberg in appearance. In addition to being a popular performing arts scene, it is also a popular place for locals to gather before heading out into the city.

If you plan your Oslo tours during the summer, prepare for long days of endless sunshine. Oslo's position in the northern hemisphere ensures that the sun does not set until after 11 pm during the warm season. Who said you could not get more hours in the day?

What was your favorite part of Oslo?

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Oslo Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

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  1. sorry to say this but oslo isn't a very beautiful.
    old city is next to impossible to see due to it loacation.
    and the museum is way out of the sentrum.
    and the reason you woud wisit norway is to travel out side the major citis at least oslo.
    and discover the scenery and let's face it that is the onley good thing about the contrey.

  2. Expedia, I love your videos, they have inspired me to want to adventure to so many places I've never even given a second thought to before. Keep up the good work.

    Any chance of a travel guide for Stockholm, Helsinki or Geneva soon? They would be a great watch.

  3. visiting Norway is definitely on my bucket list. I would love to see the land where my ancestors lived.

  4. I know that Oslo is one of the most expensive cities to live in, but is it worth it?

  5. Scandinavia is beautiful! You should also do Gothenburg, or the whole Swedish west coast, it is really beautiful

  6. wtf they just showed the things down at the docks. Where is all the beauty of Groruddalen and Holmenkollen

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