Panama Canal (Panama City) Vacation Travel Video Guide

Modern time wondering The Panama Canal in Panama City.
Panama City is the capital of the southern state of the land bridge of Central America. This vibrant and modern city is located in a tropical country in which the isthmus of Panama is only eighty miles wide. The name of the country is famous because it contains the most important waterway in the world and the development of urban and rural areas is due to the presence of the gigantic Panama Canal. This huge and surprisingly expensive technology-building project is best understood by traveling along it, a journey that takes around nine hours and changes direction twice a day. Soon we will see the monumental steel bridge of Puenta De Las Americas, the only land connection between North and South America, as the channel crosses both continents. After traveling twelve kilometers inland the boats must negotiate the first double lock, which takes about forty-five minutes. After forty kilometers, the third locking system follows, the Gatún locks, where the twenty-six-meter boats are lowered. This impressive process takes one hour in three successive closing chambers, each of which is about three hundred meters long. The dream of a water connection between the Atlantic and the Pacific came true over a period of ten years. A remarkable feat of engineering and water power!

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Panama Canal (Panama City) Vacation Travel Video Guide

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  1. I am sure America used a lot of black people to build the Canal while denying them freedom.

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