PARIS FRANCE Latin Quarter City Guide | Travel France | French Cuisine

Explore the lively streets of the Latin Quarter in Paris, France! Discover where the best prices for dining in Paris is and see Notre Dame de Paris at night around the Saint Michel area of ​​the city!

After more than a week in Germany, we left Deutschland and entered France. Take a road trip with Jaycation and friends to the happiest place on Earth, Disneyland Paris, where we stayed at the Magical Circus of the Vienna House in Magne-le-Hongre just a couple of minutes in shuttle to Disneyland Paris!

Learn more about French cuisine like Escargot, Crepes and Creme Brulee!

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PARIS FRANCE Latin Quarter City Guide | Travel France | French Cuisine

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  1. Keep the Vlogs coming bro. Reminded me of my time in Paris. Notre Dame at night… beautiful! next time, go see the Louvre at night as well.

  2. Another amazing video!
    Thank you so much for sharing your story again and inspiring others 🙂
    I'm still in the early days on my travel journey (quit my job, been working digitally for a month now) but it won't feel real until we move abroad in 2 months time!
    Exciting times ahead and I truly owe it to you and other travel vloggers who inspire we to keep working towards my goals everyday.
    Best of luck, I hope you keep working towards your dreams every day <3 xx

  3. Hi bruh! Nice vid👊😎..
    My family & i stayed there from christmas until new year…we surely fell in love with d place.. AWESOME!👍

  4. Great video! We were just in Paris yesterday for the first time and loved it. Will have to go again soon to check out Notre Dame at night…looked amazing!

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