Ranking Credit Card Reward Points 2018 (Tier System Explained)

Classification of credit card reward points

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Ranking Credit Card Reward Points 2018 (Tier System Explained)

Comments 17

  1. Hey Sebby!
    I'm new to credit cards but I've watched some of your videos on them. Am I right to understand that I could use it once a month on a $10 purchase and pay it off in time for the optimal increase in score? Since utilization would be low, even 1%, does that mean using it once a month on a low purchase is right if I don't feel the need to actually borrow money but to only increase my credit score?
    I ask because I'm confused if using the card more than once a month does anything to the score or if lowest utilization % matters most.

  2. Hey sebby I seen on a couple of credit cards that it says like you'll get a $50 gift card after you make your first purchase or things like that, is there a minimum purchase price?

  3. great video. question sebby, what are your thoughts on the capitol one venture 1 card? i saw you have a video that mentions venture but not venture 1. just curious!

  4. Hey Sebby, is there ever a situation where you should just save up a ton of points? the only thing I could think of is saving for first class, but I'm more focused on getting my regular flights free. So I assume I should just use my points as soon as I have enough for a free flight?

  5. Off topic question
    I have a secured credit card with 200 limit discover card..if i pay my balance weekly but spend around 80$ a week on credir will it effect my credit..

  6. Excellent video Sebastian. Being a newcomer to the world of point rewards and transfers, this demystified some things and provided a great strategy.

  7. I’m trying to make my credit better, I have one derogatory account on my credit score. Should I just pay it off? My credit isn’t yet established

  8. I know this question is somewhat off topic — does anyone know if, when airlines have flash sales, mistake fares, or when a certain flight's price drops by hundreds of dollars for a couple of days, do the corresponding miles needed to buy it also drop? Or are costs in miles pretty fixed over the duration of the flight's availability?

  9. Why is the Uber card not mentioned and listed in Tier 1 since it's so competitive with the Chase Sapphire Preferred and grants cash back over points?

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