Road Trip Through 7 Cities In Ireland | Travel Vlog | Dublin to Cork

Matt, Marilyn and Tobe rent a car and drive all over Ireland!

– Driving all over Ireland – and on the left side of the road for the first time!

– Our self-guided visit to the Guinness factory

–The scene in Temple Bar
–Wicklow National Park and its magical landscape (I mean, we even witnessed a real-life harpist on our hike!)

–The many sheep roaming the mountains and hills

– All Irish food, including the famous Irish breakfast and the not so famous baps, which are delicious breakfast sandwiches.

– Castles in castles! Muckross Castle, Bunratty Castle and others scattered along the country walk

– Our spooky stay at an AirBank in Gort, Arkansas, half of Ireland

– The Cliffs of Moher!

–All cities and towns along the way: Dublin, Wicklow, Gort, Galway, Ennis, Cork and Wexford

And much much more!

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Video credits to Words with Winos – Travel Vlog YouTube channel

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Road Trip Through 7 Cities In Ireland | Travel Vlog | Dublin to Cork

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  1. You are very disparaging about some of our less visited in terms of tourism.Wexford is not in the middle of nowhere and i doubt gort is creepy.We welcome tourists,but ireland is a real country its not just a theme park run for the benefit of tourism.I am sure you did not get less a welcome in gort or wexford than you did in kilarney galway or dublin and thus deserve more respect.Gort and wexford aren't tourist towns and probably will never be,but they are places that are more than functioning socially and economically in other areas and thus there was no need for your boorish snide remarks.

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