Romania Travel Guide – Visiting the Historic Town of Sibiu

Take a tour of the city of Sibiu in Sibiu, Romania – part of the world's largest travel video series GeoBeats.

Sibiu, located in the heart of Romania, is a large city with a historical foundation.

It is divided into two main sections: the lower old city and the upper city. The old town dates from the 12th century and still has buildings from that era.

Sibiu was once a fortified city and some of its walls and towers still stand.

Upper Town is newer and features Grand Square, named for obvious reasons.

The city has a large collection of museums and medieval buildings, and is quite beautiful.

Video credits to geobeats YouTube channel

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Romania Travel Guide – Visiting the Historic Town of Sibiu

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  1. Wow,,,I want to visit in Romania special to the castle of vlad,,,I enjoy watching..

  2. uneori ca si in cazul de fata vorbele murdaresc, mai bine te abtineai de la comentarii caci se vede cu ochiul liber cine e borat, pleava si parazit – cel ce murdareste prin cuvintele sale…

  3. I returned last night from Sibiu.It was great and I was impressed by the size of the city and good prices in this city.Peoples are very friendly.I saw Ramada Hotel and i can say that is awsome. In the future i want to see a same video but with my town Bistrita

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