Scotland (Europe) Vacation Travel Video Guide

Scotland, situated in the north of the United Kingdom, is a fascinating and atmospheric land. A land of myths and Celtic legends with green hills, sterile highlands, mysterious lakes and powerful castles. In the center of the capital, the impressive Edinburgh Castle crowns the hard basalt cone of an extinct volcano, the historic heart of the nation. The beauty of the dense forests and hills of the Trossachs was made famous by the author, Sir Walter Scott, in the nineteenth century. It is the most scenic region in the center of Scotland and has a grandiose, wild and romantic landscape. The remote Loch Katrine recalls the poem of Sir Walter Scott, The Lady of the Lake. In the Firth Of Lorne Kilmartin Glen is one of Scotland's most important prehistoric regions. Here, monoliths of three meters in height, are scattered by meadows with grazing of sheep. Megalithic mounds of the Bronze Age and stone circles can be seen from Duchraigaig Cairn. Across the north runs the Great Glen with Loch Linnhe, Lochy and Ness marking their course passing through some incredible scenery. At the Fort William train station, the Jacobite is waiting for its passengers. The huge black monster is an awesome sight. Slowly, the nostalgic train leaves and begins its journey by one of the most beautiful railway routes in the world. The history of Glenfarclas is as colorful as the whiskey of the same name. It's the story of the Grant family and their distillery. 'Scottish Gold' must be stored for at least three years until the traditional flavor of individual malt whiskey is produced, but is often matured between 12 and 50 years. Scotland is like a land of an ancient and historic time whose true treasure is its natural and rugged landscape!

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Scotland (Europe) Vacation Travel Video Guide

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  1. I just finished my travel by watching this video. I do not have enough financial ability to go Scotland . I hope one day I will be able to go there. 🙁 thanks guys U guys are amazing . & this video is satisfactory for me .

  2. 34:13 I have Scot relatives. I am clairvoyant. So one day I in the US and some other people went looking for Nessy. We found her she is a regular dinosaur just laying her eggs at the side of the waters edge. We also found the male it is the one they said was pictured. He is a dangerous male dinosaur. She is smaller and nesting. Ok some more is more interesting then dinosaurs. Is time tunnels windows into other time periods. Usually their are veils between times. So they can't see from one time to another but on this lake the veils don't always work so lots of people say they have seen Nessy. Well they have just Nessy is in another time then they are in.

  3. A wonderful video presentation and a tribute to this wonderful birthplace of my mother .

  4. Very beautiful but  I found one false information in the end: Mary Stuart daughter of James V had a son. James the VI and later James the I of Brittain. :/

  5. That was a really good show, Scotland has so much to see and this one showed a lot of what is on offer.

  6. i love the music in all Expoza Travel's videos! Are they composed for the documentaries or are they real songs from the countries?

  7. Your great documentary video informs & inspires people all over the world. May peace & prosperity, come to Scotland, Scottish & people around the world.

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