Stockholm, Sweden Travel Guide – Must-See Attractions

Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and the largest city of Fennoscandia. Stockholm is located on the east coast of Sweden, where the fresh water lake Mälaren, the third largest lake in Sweden, flows into the Baltic Sea. The central parts of the city consist of fourteen islands which are continuous with the Stockholm archipelago. The geographical center of the city is located on the water, in the bay of Riddarfjärden. More than 30% of the area of ​​the city is formed by waterways and another 30% by parks and green spaces.
The most important places to visit in Stockholm are: the Vasa Museum (Sweden's National Maritime Museum), the famous Vasa vessel, the only preserved 17th century vessel of this type), the Royal Palace of Stockholm (the official residence of the monarch (A key landmark for the city of Sweden, over eight million bricks were used to build this beautiful building), the Drottningholm Palace (declared Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO) Built in 1600 is the private house of the royal family) and many more.
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Stockholm, Sweden Travel Guide – Must-See Attractions

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  1. stockholm is a islamic dump, i wouldn't go back for a visit if the swedish feminist liberal government paid me. just another country full of foreign dirt

  2. if you go to sweden… go to Gothenburg or Upsälla(there is an awesome ice hotel in Upsälla)

  3. STOCKHOLM Has A Big Unknown Baby On A Bapthistphoto In Movie Screen Size That Hanged Above The Food Store In Alby Centrum 1978 Many Years On.

  4. Don't go to Sweden. All you will see is a bunch of pathetic local cucks watching idly by and pretending like everything is fine as their women and culture are getting gang raped by muslim immigrants – all expenses paid for by the swedish manginas.

  5. It looks nice and fun but they just show the pro's I wanna see the cons to it as well.

  6. If you are not a millionaire don't try to take a car tour around the city in American style. The motel where we stayed did not have parking lot. Expensive Volvo which we rented near Arlanda did not have touch screen in navigator, and entering an address with rotating knob was very slow. The address of rental car office was absent in navigator . We had to ask people around where the office is. The rental office personnel din not care about customers. At the beginning we had to search for car around the lot by pressing alarm on car key. The navigating roads was not easy because of intricate system of roads, bicycle and pedestrian routs. From early mourning there was heavy traffic around Stockholm. Probably nice city but not for tourists.

  7. All this is from the good old Sweden. Now our traitors in the government sold the land to the Muslim pigs

  8. Moi je préfère Stokholm car elle très belle et il a ans que j'avais visité cette ville

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