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Surfing For Change: Travel Guide To Nicaragua (Full Movie 2013)

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  1. I'm planning on going at the end of the summer any recommendations of where to stay out of a resort and any other tips?

  2. Amazing video!! Good Job, Thank you for share, surf information, also about the community and some projects. omg mamon chinos and coco are the best!!

  3. thumps up on the video. i was in nica for 2 years surfing every beach they had. i like your concept of the video.

  4. Definitely a nice project! We don't want huge touristic cities when on surf trips!

  5. FIrst time I went to San Juan was 1996.  There was nothing there and it was beautiful.  I have been living in Costa Rica for many years and would visit San Juan a couple time per year until about 5 or 6 years ago.  San Juan is the Nicaragua Jaco.  Maybe not as nasty a vibe, but just as dangerous and just as many drugs.  The kid in this video pretty much stated things properly, however I think the naiveté is showing in these gringos who continue to sell surfing for tourism.  It is true that good waves bring the drugs and prostitutes, but that is when the waves are sold for tourism.  I don't care if your hotel is plastic free, it will still contribute to the imbalance that tourism brings to these desperately poor beach towns. My suggestion is that if you want to live there, create a business that is not tourism related. I have done that in Costa Rica.  It is not easy but if you really want to be part of the world down here, you can't just rely on money from tourism, because that is not real.  And if you can't survive down here from a local economy, my thoughts are that you don't belong down here.  Just my thoughts…

  6. Awesome video man! I like your point of view and I had no idea this was going on, as I've never really traveled much. I would like to travel Nicaragua for the surfing. I am a beginner surfer but have years of experience on a board skating/snowboarding. Any recommendations on areas to check out? Any input would be much appreciated thanks!

  7. Bianca, you are truly a Nicaraguna, a Nica, I know you are always trying to help our country, please count me in.

  8. "The real social progress is not to increase the needs (consumerism), but seeks to reduce voluntarily. so having to eat what to wear and where to sleep just in Nicaragua! anyone going hungry here."
    See the next occasion reliable information before posting, and avoid the interference! PLEASE


  9. Dr. Juan Bautista Arrien, Permanent Secretary of the UNESCO in Nicaragua, catalog as a triumph of the national education system, the levels have reduced their minimum expression illiteracy in just two years.
    He noted that "UNESCO will certify these figures in a few months, to validate that Nicaragua is a country free of illiteracy."
    Permanent Secretary
    National Commission for UNESCO

  10. Certifies UNESCO Nicaragua!
    "Forgive my boldness in out in front of something I know quite precisely and practical. Nicaragua reducing illiteracy follow directly, in both departments with illiteracy levels between 3 and 5 percent are Chontales, Chinandega , Esteli, Granada, Carazo, Masaya, San Juan River, while those who are between 5 and 7 percent, Boaco, North Atlantic Autonomous Region and Jinotega. "

  11. 9.41??? With respect to this information and make mine let me quote the words of Dr. Juan Bautista Arrien, Permanent Secretary of the UNESCO in Nicaragua.


  12. Oh, by the way I am educated with a college degree and probably socially smarter than most fucking yuppies.

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