Sweden Vacation Travel Video Guide • Great Destinations

Extraordinarily clean, fresh air, dense dark green pine forests, sparkling lakes among seemingly endless forests, bright blue sky, wide rivers, green grass in contrast to houses painted red with white doors And window frames … That's Sweden. Large free landscapes where the mass of flowers bloom in May and trees shine in unreal colors in September. Among the plains are the lakes and hills of old cities: red-brick Malmö, Gothenburg harbor, medieval Ystad, Helsingör and Helsingborg, and the uppsala university town, which is always alive. Stockholm, built between Lake Malaren and the Baltic Sea, rivals any European capital city. Near it, there are castles that delight travelers, for example Skokloster Castle or Gripsholm Castle.

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Sweden Vacation Travel Video Guide • Great Destinations

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  1. Sweden is just an expensive shithole. So many aggressive homeless beggars at the entrance of every store. Everything closes very early. Very expensive, for example 7$ beers at pubs. Bland food. I even got robbed there. If you want to visit Europe avoid Sweden. I went to Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary. Very nice countries, very nice people, very cheap and very safe.

  2. so it is more about the deep love between Norwegians and winter, it may mean family, it may mean holly day, it may mean life, it may mean challenge, it may mean knowledge. So winter and the people of Norsk will tell us what has made the deep love?

  3. Norway is as close as Germany and it has too much to see in terms of its people successful winter management.

  4. that what they are good at, it is not a good idea to say what volvo negative list because that is bad thing someone may do.

  5. It make a car called Volvo, and it seems like it is fancy car. Well it looks as if it is unusual an reliable car but in fact the list of car companies is long and the list has varies types of makers like sport cars, normal cars, luxuriance cars, economic cars. And we haven't seen flying cars and we will soon.

  6. Sweden has no art, nor I am interested in seeing it like holland and russia, they have an awkward art.

  7. neosomato, I knew coupe of words in english that meet your name tomato and potato. We don't kill people like small number of christen and jews to their people. We protect jews and christens in case we govern them and kill the ones who kill Jews and Christens in our territory. FEEL SAFE, that the lesson that you've not learned or taught by killers and never be taught.

  8. Hi Expoza, I've subscribed and loving your travel  videos!!!  I've got a travel vlog about living in China, would be great if you could support a fellow travel junkie and subscribe?  Happy travels! Tom 🙂

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