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Exit and explore Tenerife, Spain, a volcanic island with year round sunshine and picturesque beaches. Where is Tenerife? It is a coastal oasis, located on the largest Canarian island, just off the coast of North Africa.

Enjoy the sun on Las Americas beach, one of the most popular places along the coast, where you will find water sports ranging from paragliding to surfing. For another much sought after area, drive 10 minutes north of Las Americas to Del Duque Beach, an elegant stretch with clear waters and a relaxed atmosphere. Do you prefer a beach with a promenade? Do not miss the pristine coasts of Los Cristianos. To enjoy unique landscapes, venture north or west and enjoy the black sand beaches of Jardin or Los Gigantes Beach.

If you are looking to see more than just the sea and the sand, mosey in one of the many captivating villages. Santa Cruz de Tenerife, for example, is an obligatory part of the city, where you will find strong Spanish influences among numerous restaurants and a relaxed atmosphere. Take a look at the architectural wonder, the Tenerife Auditorium "Adan Martin", which has become symbol of the archipelago. Then marvel at the ancient dragons – which are said to be over 1,000 years old – in Icod de los Vinos, and then hike the trails in the mountain village of Masca.

Whether your idea of ​​a holiday is sunbathing on the sand of the Spanish coasts or knowing the local history, you will find it all on your next Tenerife getaway. For more than a scoop inside this quaint destination, check out our Tenerife guide and get ready to pack your bags.

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Tenerife Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

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  1. Anyway I have visited all the islands in various occasions and although they all have their charm I still think that Tenerife is the one that offers a greater diversity in both entertainment activities, sites to visit and in variety of landscapes of the whole Canaries.

  2. Really awesome Island. So many different vegetation in small area. It could be a perfect GTA Map 😀

  3. where is the best area to get accommodation, north or south? going on my honeymoon in june. very excited

  4. I love Tenerife!! I invite you to check my Tenerife music video on my channel. You can watch how is the Island in first person.

  5. So where has better beaches in Canary Islands? And the hottest? Tenriffe vs Fuerteventura ^^

  6. How anyone can give this video a thumbs down defies logic. it's one of the best videos made about Tenerife and we've shared it multiple times on social media and the response was fantastic.

  7. Hola Amigos 🙂 Can anyone tell me what place is there in 0:40. Thanks and greetings for all of you 🙂

  8. they should return this island to AFRICANS>>. we live in a post colonial era… VIVA AFRICA!!!!

  9. Can anybody tell me is that Las Americas at 1:02 ? I love that slopy sand on the beach…help pls…

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