Thai Tour Guides – Personal Tour Guide in Bangkok and Thailand

– Do you want to hire a personal tour guide in Bangkok or other places in Thailand? All our Thai guides are authorized by the Thai Tourism Authority (TAT).
They have been trained, tested, and certified by government-accredited universities and have at least a Bachelor's degree. Each Bangkok tourist guide speaks fluent English, and other languages ​​are available upon request.
When traveling through Thailand with a personal tour guide is like having a local friend accompanying you to the most interesting places. But apart from a friend, our guides have a deep knowledge of experts and have experience in bridging the cultural gap. Whether you want to see Bangkok's most popular tourist attractions or get off the beaten track – there are many benefits to hiring your own guide.
Instead of looking at the temples and thinking how precious the decoration is, a guide can tell you interesting stories about the places you visit, the meaning of certain symbols, give you a cultural and religious background and point out interesting tidbits that other tourists may miss.
And you can communicate and interact with the locals much better because your guide can also function as a private translator – so you overcome the language barrier.
In addition, getting from one place to another can be much more convenient, cheap and effective when you have a tour guide in Thailand – because you do not have to calculate everything yourself in a foreign country.
And our experienced team of travel professionals can help you plan your trip in advance and design a Thailand itinerary that is just right for you – so that you make the most of your valuable vacation days in the country of smiles .
The Siamese people are known all over the world for their friendly and playful nature, and the same is true for our Thailand tour guides. Courtesy and professionalism are our highest priority, but "Sanook" (a Thai expression for fun) is also important.
If you have a special interest we can find the Thai tourist guide suitable for you – someone who has a deep knowledge of experts on a particular topic, for example, history, Buddhism, Thai food, Thai silk or other topics. And you can also choose whether you want a male or female tour guide in Bangkok. (But keep in mind that our guides are hospitality professionals, not companions).
It's no secret: we love our country. And it is our passion to help you experience the best time in Thailand, so maybe this country is culture and people will also find a favorable place in their heart.
We can arrange last minute guides for you, but we recommend you book as early as possible to ensure the best service.
Every year millions of people from many countries visit Thailand – and a large percentage of them are people who have already been here and have had a great time here who decided to come back again.
There are tropical paradise islands with white sand beaches and turquoise waters, scenic mountainous landscapes and hill tribes villages in northern Thailand where Chiang Mai is a popular tourist hotspot from where most people continue to explore the surrounding provinces.
In southern Thailand there are places like Phuket, Koh Samui, Koh Phi Phi and Krabi which are very popular among tourists – in addition to other islands like Ko Tao which is very popular for diving and other places. In Bangkok has attractions such as the Grand Palace, the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, the Temple of the Reclining Buddha and many other places to see. What's more, if you like Thai food, Bangkok will be like being in heaven – a wide range of food is available here in all price categories, plus plenty of exotic delicious fruits. As amazing as Bangkok can be – it can also be overwhelming, and having a Bangkok guide by your side that can help you find your way around and point out the most interesting places for you can be of great value.

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Thai Tour Guides – Personal Tour Guide in Bangkok and Thailand

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