Things to do in Germany | Top Attractions Travel Guide

Germany was a country we fell in love with. Having spent a lot of time in Southeast Asia, we felt the need for a change of pace and Germany was just that. From urban centers like Berlin to hidden gems like Freiburg, Germany offers plenty for those willing to explore and dig a little deeper. Things to do in Germany | Travel Guide of the Best Attractions: We started our main travel guide of attractions to Germany focusing on Berlin. Here are the top 25 things to consider in the city:

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1) Berlin Wall – East Side Gallery
2) Brandenburg Gate
3) Tiergarten
4) MauerPark Flohmarkt (MauerPark flea market)
5) Friedrichshain
6) Currywurst
7) Reichstag Building
8) Tempelhof
9) Museum Island
10) Holocaust Memorial
11) Charlottenburg Palace
12) Checkpoint Charlie
13) Alexanderplatz – Berlin TV Tower
14) Ritter Sport
15) Berlin Cathedral
16) Currywurst Museum
17) Riding a bicycle
18) Boat trip on the River Spree
19) Wurst Sausage
20) Friedrichshain Flohmarkt (flea market)
21) German Breakfast
22) Cat Cafe
23) Schnitzel and Spaetzle
24) U-bahn and S-bahn
25) Turkish food

We recently had the opportunity to visit Europa-Park, Germany's largest theme park and the second most popular theme center in Europe.

This was the perfect opportunity for us to rekindle our childhood passion for walks. With over eleven different roller coasters we only quickly realized we had never been to a large theme park.

What we thought was great was that the theme park was divided into different European countries. If you can not visit all of Europe going to Europa Park is like getting little eddies around.

With capacity for up to 50,000 people per day, we were lucky that they did not come during the peak season; However, it was still full.

Overall, the weather was perfect, the rides were fun and it is an experience that we will not forget anytime soon.

This is a bit of a surprise. We have an eight hour wait for a flight in Frankfurt, so instead of just hanging out at the airport, which was our original plan, we decided to leave our bags and enter the city.

It practically involves our little visit to Frankfurt. We spent maybe three or four hours walking and it was really nice to see the city without much of an agenda.

I came here with fairly low expectations to be perfectly honest. I had heard more or less this is just a financial center, but ended up being quite charming here in Frankfurt and I will definitely miss Germany. I have had a wonderful time traveling the country.

Today we do not have much luck with the time. It's really rainy here in Freiburg. It's Easter weekend, but we're off exploring and we want to show you the city. We go for a walk.

One of my first impressions of Freiburg is that it's a great city to wander in. That's all we've been doing so far. It is very picturesque. There are cobbled streets and is also very historic.

Fortunately, the weather has changed dramatically for the better. Previously we had been rained, so we had to return to the hotel because it was cold and windy. We are now seeing some patches of blue skies, so let's continue exploring around Freiburg.

This is part of our Travel series in Germany. We are doing a series of videos showing German culture, German arts, German food, German religion and German people.

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All photos and videos taken by Samuel Jeffery (Nomadic Samuel) and Audrey Bergner (That Backpacker)

Video credits to Nomadic Samuel – Travel Channel YouTube channel

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Things to do in Germany | Top Attractions Travel Guide

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  1. Why would they have a cat cafe ? What if cat hairs are flying all over coffee cups. That really made me question Germanys Sanitation rate. Gross.

  2. Were planning to go in Germany this January. I know it's Winter time so any advice/suggestions in what to do or places to visit?

  3. the only thing i hate about germany are the billions of muslims just my oppinion

  4. Hallo, ich bin ein Student aus Peru,Sie wollen einen Moment Ihrer Zeit. Ich habe eine Aufgabe, es ist dringend notwendig für eine Marktforschung und Ihr Land (Deutschland) ist einer von ihnen und ich möchte mir helfen, entwickeln diese Umfrage, bitte ignorieren Sie nicht mir und geben Sie mir Ihre Zeit. Dank

  5. Döner Kebab is very very good value for the Price- on average it is 3,50 Euro for a big one. When I was in Bangkok I ate a schawarma, it is not the same as a Döner Kebab, but it is somewhat comparable. The Schawarma in BKK is usually 80 baht, but you Need three schawrmas to have the size of one German Döner Kebab- equals 240 baht= 6 Euro !!!!!! Now you see how affordable German Fast Food is- the portions in Germany are very big, for only 3,50 Euro !!!

  6. Berlin has one of the best public transportation system in the world, and you dont have to go through a check point like in London, New York, Shanghai, Bangkok or anywhere else in the world so you can save much time in the U-Bahn and S-Bahn- it is up to you to buy the ticket, but if you have bad luck you can get busted and have to pay a 60 Euro fine !!!!

  7. Pray at a Mosque, How could they leave that out. Along with the educational tour Muslims are giving , its called How to take over a country without firing a
    single bullet. Raping women and committing crimes while doing so. Germans will soon all be muslims , scary ……

  8. If you go to Germany, don't waste your money to go to Berlin. Went there several times and overall it is a dirty ugly city. If you really are interested in Germany go to smaller lesser known cities. And you can buy Currywurst pretty much everywhere in Germany. Also wish they would have harsher laws on those graffiti "artists" that tag every wall and object they see. It makes even the nicest area look trashy.

  9. a) Don't call it "Things to do in Germany" if you talk about Berlin for 70% of the video. It's like making "things to do in USA" and talk 10/15 minutes about NY.

    10:08 Schnitzel is a classic austrian (vienniese) dish and originally comes from Milan. The germans for some reason use to dump sauce on it, which is seen as a culinaric sacrilege in Austria.
    15:44 I think after that comment there are a few Germans who would gladly strangle you. Germany has been divided in several parts over many centuries – therefore these parts have developed in different ways, adopted other traditions etc. So if you really want to enjoy the beauty of Germany you have to understand the variety of cultures there and that people are very proud of them. You are not visiting one person, but rather a very big patchwerk family.

    Ok, so it's a video with a deatailed guide over most of Berlins attractions (there are few more) and some random pictures of Frankfurt and Freyburg…..Nice presentation and work on the video itself – but there might be some TINY bits of Germany worth giving a try.

  10. you guys have a thing for ducks or something? Good info but too many damn ducks

  11. 3:38 Well, you could have mentioned the Reichstag is the official place of the german parliament ("Bundestag") ..

  12. Ritter Sport isn't something from Berlin. It's produced in Waldenbuch, near Stuttgart. Maybe it's typically german, but not bound to Berlin.

  13. if youtraveling in Germany you must visit FKK and Saunaclub. you can also download the FreierVerkehr app and finde the best Saunaclub in your Location.

  14. Had the fucking russians not blown up the fuhrer bunker, it would be a major attraction point!

  15. there is also a ritter sport factory in berlin. you can create your own chocolate there (filled with strawberries, winegums, cornflakes etc.) its called "bunte schokowelt" and is located in the franz straße 24 in berlin 😉

  16. Was in Germany were the most disgusting memories I think everyone knows that fierce hatred with which the Germans met with Russian hatred of them absorb with their mother's milk so that during his stay in Germany indecom- honored to be humiliated Russian pig and subhuman insulted openly netayas of Nazism in Germany in the prime think Hitler proud

  17. I usually eat good old German wholemeal bread instead of bread rolls. Only Saturday or Sunday morning I eat bread rolls. No bread in the world can overcome German breads!

    The döner kebab was invented by a Turk in Berlin. I would say it's a german-turkish food.

  18. +NomadicSamuel 
    Actually Döner  (pronounced Doehner) is a  mixture of turkish and german influences – you wont find a Döner like this in Turkey 🙂 Glad u liked it 🙂
    I think you can compare it to the cheap "mexican" fast food you have in the U.S. .Not authentic, yet awesome and something you wouldnt find in Mexico. 
    Döner is THE fast-food in Germany. I recommend to watch this video 🙂 


  19. If you want to eat the best (veal!) Schnitzel of the city go to the restaurant "Austria" in Bergmannstrasse 30 in Kreuzberg. In case you don't manage to eat all of it you just have to ask whether they can wrap it and then you can take the rest home with you.

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