Things to do in Scotland Travel Guide, Top Attractions & Scottish Cuisine

Scotland is a country that I have wanted to visit for years, and was finally able to make it a reality last year when I first visited Tomar in the celebrations of Hogmanay New Year in Edinburgh. As one of the most negotiable walking cities I have visited, Audrey and struck the pavement marveling at the architecture, stunning castles and winter carnival events in the city center. When we needed to warm up we got into pubs to gormandize in Haggis, Neeps and Tatties while washing it down with a hot Toddy.

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When we were in the mood for something a bit sweeter we decided to try a Deep-fried Mars Bar – a Scottish specialty. Although disgustingly unhealthy (essentially this a chocolate bar covered in batter and fried) it tasted delicious and ten times better than having a chocolate bar on its own. When we were not trying Scottish cuisine or wandering around narrow streets, we decided to take some day trips to see other events and attractions. Our favorite being Loony Dook where a group of crazy men, women and children wearing Halloween-like costumes rushed into the frozen Firth of Forth cold.

The real highlight of our time in Scotland was having the opportunity to explore the Scottish Highlands (including the Isle of Skye) with Haggis Adventure Tours. This road trip made it possible to highlight some of the most picturesque areas of the country where we could not leave our cameras.

When we were not traveling we spent our time trying out as much Scottish food as we could possibly including a taste of Irn Bru, ginger beer, tablets, Haggis flavored chips, scotch chocolate and scottish whiskey and more.

The following is an attraction travel guide that provides a snapshot of the best things to do in Scotland during your next vacation to one of my favorite countries across Europe.

Things to do in Scotland Main attractions Video Travel Guide Playlist in no particular order:

1) Our first impressions of Edinburgh, Scotland Travel Video
2) Eat Haggis, Neeps and Tatties for the first time while drinking Hot Toddy in Edinburgh, Scotland
3) Eat a Deep-Fried Mars Bar along with a Snickers and Twix Bar in Edinburgh, Scotland
4) Loony Dook Event in Queensferry – Edinburgh, Scotland
5) Eat Scottish snacks, scrap junk food and drink Scottish drinks in Edinburgh, Scotland
6) Visit to the Scottish Highlands – Culloden and Clava Cairns – with Haggis Adventures in Scotland
7) Tour the Isle of Skye by visiting Eilean Donan Castle in the Scottish Highlands with Haggis Adventures
8) Tour of the Scottish Highlands from Skye Island back to Edinburgh with Haggis Adventures

This is part of our Travel in Scotland series. We are doing a series of videos showing the Scottish culture, the Scottish arts, the Scottish food, the Scottish religion and the Scottish people.

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All photos and videos taken by Samuel Jeffery (Nomadic Samuel) and Audrey Bergner (That Backpacker).

All music provided by Kevin Mcleod under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

Video credits to Nomadic Samuel – Travel Channel YouTube channel

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Things to do in Scotland Travel Guide, Top Attractions & Scottish Cuisine

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  1. one man taking out 8 redcoats with a dagger ? ?…only in Hollywood movies sweetheart lol…As a Scotsman i hate these professional jocks…the pub laughs at them..

  2. You will get the warmest of welcomes no matter where you go in Scotland. Mind you, the Scots don't tolerate assholes very well. So beware.

  3. I wish you had tried a glass bottle of Irn Bru, its brewed in Scotland and tastes better for some reason, I think it has something to do with the water here in Scotland as the plastic bottle are manufactured in England, using English water (our water is soooooo much better), although its not something i would recommend anyone to drink on a regular basis, Im also pretty sure that Scotland is the only country in the world where Coke isnt the number one sold fizzy drink due to Scottish love for Irn Bru (which is pronounced Iron Brew :). Really enjoyed the video. Now im off to continue my world tour with you guys.

  4. Interesting food! Will try them (except haggis :P) when I visit Scotland this summer. Really like the guy with the dinosaur at the end 🙂

  5. No, they're not referred to as "chips" in Scotland folks – they're CRISPS!!!!!!! 'Chips' are something you get out of a fish and chip shop!

  6. Merci pour la très belle vidéo.
    En Ecosse j'y vais touts les deux ans et j'ai jamais été déçu.

  7. Wel l done you two, I am Scottish and you did a brilliant job in advertising Scotland. Loved watching the videa, was funny and interesting. All the Best!!!!

  8. I sure do like that beautiful Scottish accent from the man in the kilt telling us about Scottish history. The way he folded his flag tho, and we're so careful with our American flag. It hurt me.

  9. I leave for Edinburgh a week from today && I'm beyond excited!!!! This video got me so excited and I can't wait to try all the food! Nice video

  10. I really enjoyed this, guys. I'm a Scot myself but cannot eat haggis (too spicy for me) haha. I also dislike Irn Bru but diet Irn Bru is a lot better. Tablet, though–YUM. Oh, and Irn Bru is prounounced IRON as opposed to IRN but understandable that non-Scots wouldn't be aware of that. Did you go anywhere near Aberdeenshire? That's where I am from.

  11. Did you guys miss out on visiting Stonehaven? Birthplace of the battered mars bar, and also Dunottar castle?

  12. Even though I've been americanized from living in the states for awhile (lost my accent) the part at the beginning when you tried pronouncing Edinburgh destroyed me lol. I was hissing "it's ed-en-bur-ah" the entire time haha

  13. I can't wait to visit Glasgow Scotland with my daughter =) (I'm still trying to decide whether to bring my cat with me as if she stays she will need to be boarded at a vets office, can't wait to save enough to be able to go. Not quite sure how much I should save for food.)

  14. I love the Christmas festival in Edinburgh, I go there all the time cause my big sister lives in Edinburgh

  15. The next time you visit Scotland you should try out one of the Heritage Steam Railways, I recommend, The Caledonain Steam Railway in Brechin, you get a nice 4 mile trip to a place called Bridge of Dun, where you can visit The House of Dun, which is a short walk away.

    Brechin also happens to be the City where Sir Watson Watt was born. He was the man who created Radar in WW2.

    I'd also recommend visiting Dundee, the home of the Discovery, the sailing ship of Captain Scott who went to the South Pole. Also Dundee is the home of Jute, the fibres used to make burlap sacks.

    Another place to visit is Aberdeen City, the night life there is quite a thrill, they have places for everyone. I'd recommend visiting, Slains Castle, The Vodka bar, Triple kirks and Exodus as well as The Priory

  16. When they are describing Haggis as "Hot" (at 16:20 + into this) – they mean the Temperature – not the Spices.  Haggis is actually kinda bland but very flavorful.  Haggis was a food of the peasants – due to the fact the Heart, Liver, lungs and stomach were not acceptable to the "aristocrats" of higher classes.  Thus, the workers ate Haggis since it was all but free to them – – left-overs from the Rich and Famous.

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