These are the top 10 beaches in Thailand. If you come to Thailand I did a complete travel itinerary / video guide for you!
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Published August 2017

Video credits to Lost LeBlanc YouTube channel

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Comments 44

  1. Nice video. Leaving for a month trip in Thailand this weekend. Will have to check out your travel guide. Sub'd

  2. Dude I went crazy when you mentioned Koh samet 😂😂 I LEGIT live in the next town 😅

  3. Hi Christian, many thanks again for that video, I really would like to have a look at your video library meanwhile.
    Best regards again from Germany, Holger

  4. Hi Christian! What song is it that starts at about 1:04? I've searched for it everywhere but I can't find it. It goes 'Be free' and then something about Bonnie and Clyde being a cliché. Anyways, I rly like it 🙂 Love your videos!

  5. Hey nice video as always but I am surprised not to find Sunrise Beach on Lipe in your ranking. Any reason ? Cheers

  6. I want to visit all of them! The quality of your videos is amazing. I love to watch your videos and listen to you. You inspire me!

  7. What island is that dog on because I would like to go there and hang with that cutie haha

  8. I think you should check out: kho similan,kho surin,kho lipe,kho payam,those are great places aswell

  9. What about Koh Lipe, why didn't it make it to the list? I'm not questioning your decision, I just wanna know the reason why you left it out.

  10. I think I was lucky when I visited maya bay it was not that busy, only few boats. We also came from behind of the island, which took quite effort to swim through the waves and rock, which is quite dangerous but so memorable and fun.

  11. insane to see how much you have grown on the internet, christian. followed you since the beginning

  12. I'm looking to travel towards the end of August. What are your thoughts about traveling around this time? Thanks.

  13. thank you very much for all great vdo and information about my home land…i have 2 months left to visit my home land cant waittttttttttt….almost 4 year i didnt go back home. it seems Thailand changed a lottttttt everywhere.

  14. Outstanding round up think we loved the number 2 the one where you had your meal and the drone just flew off, stay safe and keep your posts coming they are awesome

  15. Incredible content bro. Thank you for your help in planning to visit this beautiful country. Sometimes it's hard to believe how beautiful Thailand is. But there are places, most notably Phi Phi, where tourism simply went out of control. Keep up the great work, as always!

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