TOP 10 MUST-SEE PLACES IN NORWAY – A Photographer’s Guide

This is a travel guide to Norway showing the top 10 places you should see if you are visiting. These tips are from a photographer's perspective, but the places are perfectly fine to visit if you are a regular traveler as well.

I have been lucky enough to travel in Norway in recent years as a photographer. That has given me ample knowledge of what Norway has to offer, also outside the most touristy places. This list includes some real hidden gems that you may not have heard of before.

Norway is a fantastic country, and this list could have been much, much more. But these are my favorites, and I'm sure you'll love them too.

The complete list:
1. Senja
1. Varangerhalvøya
1. Femundsmarka
4. Loenvatnet
5. Valdres
6. Hardanger
7. Helgeland
8. Lofoten
9. Nærøyfjorden
10. Jettegrytene i Nissedal

For more photos of my adventures, visit my Instagram @ morten.rustad (

All the photos and videos in the video are taken by me. Some of them are produced in cooperation with Turbin Film (

Video credits to Morten Rustad YouTube channel

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TOP 10 MUST-SEE PLACES IN NORWAY – A Photographer’s Guide

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  1. Andenes er absolutt en plass du bør besøke! Jeg er født og oppvokst her, og jeg lover at du ikke vil angre! 😉

  2. Incredible video! Thanks for sharing your favorites! I'll be visiting Senja and Oslo next summer, surprised that Senja is number one, but glad it's shared too. The Lofotens generally outrank it on lists.

  3. I wish you had a video like this for other European countries! I'm trying to plan a holiday over there. This was such a great video!!

  4. background music is so Loud can'T HEAR YOUR VOICE. bEAUTIFUL PHOTOGRAPHY. tHANKS YOU-

  5. Hello Morten … during the entire video, I was asking myself – so what are the specific times to visit to see these scenes under optimal weather conditions for photography

  6. As I am new to Youtube (just uploaded my first vlog), I have a ton to learn. Your video has been a real inspiration with regard to the voice-over skills and the way you designed your video. Pretty amazing! I wish you a lot of luck!

  7. outstanding 🙂
    Igot some to see by boat on the way up to kirkenes and back to bergen – but these places are far more than appetizers 🙂

  8. Hi Morten, thanks for sharing your tips and showing this beautiful footage. We are going to norway by tent end of august an surely visit some places from your list. Can you let me know what settings you used for the smooth washed rock timelapse in Jettegrytene, Picture Interval, Shutter and such? Thank you

  9. Nice video, straight forward and beatifull images. I hope to visit Norway soon! Thank You.

  10. Så flott!!! Amazing recommendations – making travel plans now – only been to 2 on the list so far!! What did you use for the map graphics in the video?!

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