Train Ticket Machine Netherlands Travel By Trains Holland Station Easy Tips Travel How To Guide

Traveling in Netherlands Its EASy No JOKING Super wasy this is a Video where i walk thorugh buying a ticket and catching a train its a very simple process and I hope This Little How To Guide type of a Video Helos someone out Hope You Enjoy. I filmed this video on one of my trips last year and just cant wait to get back there next month! Make sure and check out My channel I have Lots of 1 & 2 Owner Cars Trucks and SUV's on there and sell them Cheap Also If You Subscribe You wont miss out .. 😉 i Have a few Channels You can Access them Via My Main Channel page or also you can See the Links i post Below i will Also Post links to My websites and facebook so you dont Miss any of the action Sign Up Everywhere !! .. 😉


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Train "Ticket Machine" Netherlands "Travel By Trains" Holland Station Easy Travel Tips "How To" Guide "Nathan Wratislaw" Howto Get FInd Buy See "Netherlands" "Centraal Station" Traveling "Go To" Ride On Country Guides Traveler Going From To Tip

Video credits to Cereal Marshmallows YouTube channel

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Train Ticket Machine Netherlands Travel By Trains Holland Station Easy Tips Travel How To Guide

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  1. ''with a belly'' lol that's exactly what i tell tourists when they wanna buy a ticket but standing in front of a 'flat machine'.

    ''Try it at a mchine with a fat belly''

    Oh and a day return isn't valid for a return whenever you want, it's valid on the day you purchased it, till the next day 04:00 in the morning.
    Lots of people think it's valid for any day to return…. please don't make that mistake… ''DAY-return''

  2. The machines without the "belly" are used for debit cards. The chipcard scanner is there to transfer money from your bank account to your chipcard. This can optionally be done automatically after a travel. If you look closely the belly machine has a scanner as well

  3. Great video. Say is it possible to pay with small coins at these machines? I mean as small as 20, 10, 5, 2 or even 1 cent pieces?

  4. The 40 percent discount is not related to a chipcard.
    The discount has to be pre arranged with NS and allows to travel outside rush hours with 40 percent deduction on fares.

  5. I am so glad that most Dutch people speak English. I grew up speaking Dutch, but I moved to English speaking countries at an early age, so my Dutch is very rusty and English is my primary language now.

  6. HEY HANKS Thats Cool I can never find these sites when i need them though..;-)

  7. So in this instance enter 20RGJ1 and it will give you all the info 😉 Great page to bookmark

  8. Hey Nate, back watching these like I said. If you ever want to look up a Dutch license plate for the make model brand milage etc. etc. you can enter them here on the official webpage of the RDW (Dutch equivelant of the DMV) ht tp s :// ovi .rdw. nl/

  9. That is only if you are a Resident I used to have the 40% Korting Card I paid for Yearly but cannot even get that now without a Dutch Bank Account..;-(

  10. You can by an OV-chipkaart with credit already on it and you can put extra credit on the card via the ticket machines or in the Abert Heijn where they have these little yellow ATM like devices.

  11. You can go to your bank and ask for a PIN-card (debit card) or a credit card with PIN. You can use that here to get money from an ATM, pay in almost every shop/restaurant, get a train ticket.
    Also you can get a OV-chipkaart (Public Transportation chip card and valid throughout the country) which can be used in train, bus, tram, and metro. (youtube dot com/watch?v=lUu7lHHEsig)
    I hope this is usefull information ^^

  12. WOW Thats Pretty darn Cool!!!! Thank you for telling me I would have never known..;-) Thats cool man!

  13. I go to my University's facebook this morning and what do I see??? THIS video on their page for new international students as guide to help them buy train tickets! 🙂 Was a nice surprise

  14. Yeah thats why you cant get one they want you to have a Dutch Bank Account and wont give you obe of them with out residence papers etc LONG process Basicall Move there and you can get it is what i have figured out.. The Disposable ChipCard may be easier than always having a bag full of Euro Change Though..;-)

  15. What kind of chipcards are you suggesting? They're not bankcards here you know that right?

  16. It seemed nice i like A Peugeot Wagon and that had a really cool look… We dont see them in the USA EVER!..;-(

  17. WOW Thats Cool Will At least make it easier on Not taking change everywhere..;-) Maybe with that you can buy the Korting card as well THAT would be nice I spend $1500 Plus on Trains and Transport over there….;-) 40% off is SWEET for the $80 EUro they charge for the discount..;-)

  18. Oh yes you can. You can buy the "anonymous chipcard" and the "disposable chipcard". Both are not personal and can be used by anyone. The anonymous card is the way to go for you i guess since you're visiting our little country pretty often. Just load some money on it through a vending machine in one of the stations and ur free to go.

  19. Yea its the way to go..Unless you Have a Dutch ID and Dutch Bank Account and meet a few requirements you cant get a chipcard and there is No way to Buy the Korting card for the 40% so Your stuck with Change and Full Fare..;-( Sucks I used to get the discount till they changed it… Oh well its a Great transport sytem its worth it I cant wait to Get on board..;-) Amsterdam is Beautiful But only for a few days for me i like the REST of The Netherlands Best..;-)

  20. Nowadays almost everyone has a "Chipcard" here, you just check in when you get on the train and check out at your destination. So much faster. 😀

  21. No Doubt EVERYONE speaks english it seems and ALL of the signs except street signs pretty much are english… Grocery store is sometimes a issue but a question or 2 and im back on track EASIEST Country for a English only Dunny like me…;-) I have learned a dozen or so words/phrases though..;-)

  22. Dont get Me started on the New Rules I am NOT happy about that at ALL. I almost said something in My Previous Message and did not/.;-) Someone posted something on My wall about a 30 and 60 day permit or a refferendum or something ui dunno… Either way they are afer the Classics over there and its NOT good! I rolling through ALL OVER the Netherlands in a Month or so make sure and hit me up when you see the New vids in a month Would Love to Buy you a coffee Give you some Freebies and such. 😉

  23. It's awesome that they have the machine in English in case you don't speak Dutch/

  24. i have a landcruiser hj60 and i was hoping to make it like that one.
    but now i might not because of the new rules that are coming.

  25. It was a Very Nice city and i Enjoyed My stay there! Well have to revisit again it was nice..;-)

  26. Awesome I was Close..;-) We dont get them in the USA so its Hard for me to know..;-) SWEET Land Cruiser on your page I LOVE that Color of Blue! Your COuntry is the Best cant wait to be there again!!..;-)

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