An impressive travel guide to Greece, in a vlog style video! I will bring you with me on a trip to Greece! I am half Greek so I am well positioned to help you organize your next trip to that wonderful country!

Come with me while we take a boat and sail to the most popular islands!

– We will have a romantic getaway and experience the incredible sunsets on the island of Santorini, in the village of Oia.
– We will sail towards the island of Crete where we will swim in two of the most beautiful beaches in the world: Balos and Elafonissi.
– We will go to the calm and serene island of Milos where we will have some of the best and freshest seafood.
– We will return to the mainland to visit the Greek capital: Athens.
– Visit the ancient theater and the Parthenon, two monuments of Greek architecture at its best.
"You'll even come with me while I visit my family in my father's home village, Messolonghi.

Great food, incredible scenery, genuinely nice people, wonderful weather … What more could you want? 🙂

I will show you all the attractions you should see and entertain along the way. This will help you to organize and plan your trip to Greece, more specifically to the islands of Santorini, Crete, and Milos as well as the capital of Athens!

Welcome to Pan The Organizer, where you and I work together to help you organize different aspects of your life.

Greece is a very popular tourist destination in Europe and I hope this video will give you an idea of ​​what to expect. I am half Greek and half Canadian, so let me share with you a part of my heritage and culture! 🙂

I will take you to the islands of Santorini, Crete and Milos. We will also go to the mainland and visit the capital of Greece, Athens, as well as a small village along the way.

This country is rich in culture, architecture and history. And the food is amazing!

Many people dream of traveling to Greece and visiting its many attractions. Where to go? Which restaurants are good? What type of transportation is recommended? What are the costs of such a trip? Are people friendly in that country? Which hotels are recommended? Can you rent a car? Thanks to this video, you will get answers to all these questions and more. In addition, you will get a great perspective of how nice the country is and you will be able to better organize your trip there!

Come and enjoy the video!

Here are some links to places we visit:

Akrotiri Hotel, Chania Town

Armenaki Fish Tavern, Pollonia, Island of Milos

Delmar Apartments & Suites Hotel, Pollonia, Milos Island

Galatia Villas suites, Fira, Santorini Island

Argo Restaurant, Santorini Island

Video credits to Pan TheOrganizer YouTube channel

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  1. Excellent video. Beautiful scenery. My first name Phillip is Greek, it means lover of horses.

  2. Thank you for making a good and relevant video about Crete! Thinking of going to Rethymno

  3. I saw the video and i already miss these places i have been in summer and had soooo good time!! Very beautiful video!!!!

  4. Informative video, very interesting places to visit, Greece has so many beautiful islands and cities.
    If you visit Greece again try Kefalonia. After living and working on the stunning island, for two summer seasons I would recommend Kefalonia as one of the most beautiful in Greece and Europe for scenery and beaches.
    I also made a video that several Greek companies and their tourist board use to promote the island about its best beaches. (link below). The video helps you find a beach that suit your taste.

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