What is the Best Current Credit Card to Charge a Large Amount of Moving Expenses On?

TPG Reader Mark asked:
"We are about to move to a new house and we have quite a large amount of expenses (new appliances for the kitchen, moving costs, etc.) Whenever I put a lot of money on a credit card, I always look for the best miles / points out there and try to get a new card, but at this moment I'm not sure what I want to register.

I currently have the Amex SPG, Amex Platinum, US Airways MasterCard and the United Mileage Plus card (I also just canceled the American Advantage card in order to obtain the US Airways card and I will return and get the new US card once it is introduced).

I have miles on several different airlines, so I do not need to accumulate on a particular airline and we are about to have another child, so I do not plan any big international trips for a couple of years. Any idea what is the best agreement now that could meet my needs? "Prepare your bags: at TPGtv, travel expert and founder of ThePointsGuy.com, Brian Kelly exhibits the extraordinary experiences possible by maximizing frequent flier miles and credit card points, the web series follows Kelly as she travels to large destinations around the world traveling by style for a fraction of the cost.The first season of ten episodes sees Kelly take a unique odyssey in life in Africa.Travel from Ghana and Rwanda to South Africa and Doha, he discovers extraordinary people and Uncommon travel experiences while taking viewers into the luxury hotel and tourist accommodations that secure your points and mileage strategies.

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What is the Best Current Credit Card to Charge a Large Amount of Moving Expenses On?

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