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What’s in MY WALLET 2018? (Best Credit Cards of the Year)

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  1. A few topic suggestions:

    – intro hotel cards: & can you mention avg credit score needed or recommend?

    – starter cards: explaining points, etc

    – best gas cards 2018

    I love your channel & @asksebby channel. I think a lot of people would like to know tier and credit scores you all recommend whenever talking about credit cards.

    keep up the great vids!!

  2. Wouldn’t booking your travel with the CSR be better than the Amex? I know you’re getting the 5x points but the travel delay insurance seems like it should be worth something right?

  3. I carry The Chase Sapphire Reserve Card due to the fact that my wife and I don't cook, and dine out every day.

    And the Amex Delta Skymiles Reserve Card, because we have a huge Delta Terminal here in Metro Detroit. The MQMs, Skyclub access and free 1st Class ticket make it a MUST HAVE.

    We use the Chase points for domestic flights, and the Skymiles points for international. Was able to go to Maui 3 times last year at the Fairmont Kea Lani based on this card combo.

    But based on this video, I think I need to expand my wallet a little and get a card for Gas purchases (now that Costco accepts Visa).

  4. Got the minimalist today, it's kinda large…maybe it's that access leather where it opens up. Passed it on to a friend within minutes of opening package. Nice but way to big to be called minimalist.

  5. I had Chase Sapphire Reserved closed a month ago. I plan to open Chase Sapphire Preferred. However, the offer details state, "The product is not available to either (i) current cardmembers of any Sapphire credit card, or (ii) previous cardmembers of any Sapphire credit card who received a new cardmember bonus within the last 24 months". Can I get the 50,000 miles bonus if I open the Chase Sapphire Preferred this month?

  6. is it my imagination or are there mostly young people … 18 to 30 …watching these type of videos? nice that there’s these folks passing on info . i’m 70 and didn’t have this media growing . however i had good parents that taught me well. 829 fico (not credit karma)and decades of credit history . you young people have an advantage… time is on your side . don’t mess up .

  7. Hi, The Credit Shifu. I’m a 22 years old guy that trying to get my credit score up fast and my questions is. What are the best time when you get the first credit card and your trying to get a second one card? My second question is when is the time to pay the due date of the credit card at the beginning of the month and at they end. The much credit card you have the best credit score could go up. I’m trying to get my credit score up by the end of 2018.

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  9. I have these:

    Chase sapphire reserve
    Amex blue cash everyday
    Capital one quicksilver

    Thinking about getting another card but really I don't want to deal with another point system than chase. I already find it tiring to try to maximize my chase point usage.

  10. Late to the game, but I will probably apply for the double cash soon (like end of December) and apply for the Discover It card middle of Q1 next year.

    I am reconsidering the Discover It because I already applied for 3 cards in 2017 + I already have a Chase Freedom. I do not want to get rejected for the Chase Sapphire Reserve card because I do plan on applying for that like Q3 2018 since I will travel at that time.


  11. Looks a lot like my wallet. Chase, Amex Platinum & SPG. Chase points are my fav so I try to stack them whenever I can.

  12. Cards to apply for in 2018…

    Discover It
    Uber card (tentative)
    FNBO Travelite (tentative)

    The last two cards I’m considering apply might be tough because I might get denied for having too many credit card inquiries in this year. For the FNBO Travelite, same reason and it might continue to be an exclusive targeted offer.

  13. I have 4 credit cards and 2 charge cards.

    credit cards I have both Capital1 venture cards I mainly use my Venture card right now for holiday shopping gifts and eating out. I have Venture1 not using this card right now but it's in my wallet.
    I have my Discover card the More card right now using it for Target purchases.
    I have the basic blue cash card American Express card right now using it for gift card purchases except at target.

    now charge cards I have 2 Exxon Mobil and Citgo.

    I don't have the Chase Sapphire as it has a 450.00 annual fee no reason for this.
    if the Gold card premiere rewards is tied up to your platinum card assuming your paying 550.00 annual fee do you get airport lounge acess , do you get 200.00 airline credit or 100?

    when everything is in your wallet do you have pictures of your wife, daughter, a tip chart room for your supermarket card, cvs , plenti , triple A card, your health insurance card?

  14. No plans on new cards. What's in my wallet:
    Cap1 Visa
    eBay Extras MC
    Chase Freedom V
    Bank of America AmEx
    AmEx Everyday Cash
    AmEx Delta Skymiles
    Citi Double Cash MC
    Old Navy V
    Kroger V

  15. biding my time to drop below 5/24 to pick up the CSR and normal Freedom, then I can shift things around with Amex to keep working on MR sign up bonuses. For now I generally carry CSP + Freedom Unlimited, Amex PRG, and SPG business for similar reasons as what you listed, however I use the PRG for groceries/gas and for airfare and non-SPG hotels I use Amex Platinum (not carried with me generally).

  16. I have/use the Chase Freedom, Chase Freedom Unlimited, Nusenda Platinum Cash Rewards, US Bank Cash+, Amex Blue Cash Everyday

    I just applied for a Chase Ink Preferred, and will soon be applying for a Sapphire Preferred – good to know about the authorized user status counting against the 5/24 rule. I will also be applying for the Vantage West CU Connect Rewards card (ultimately two if I can swing it – 5% CB on 1 category of your choice, including utilities, amazon, charity, and others), the DuPage CU Platinum Rewards (5% back charity, no caps, $100 CB with $3k spend in 3 months, $15 CB with balance transfer of $1500, I think the fee is waived in that time period), amazon prime visa (5% back amazon, no caps, $70 amazon GC), IHG MasterCard, Discover It, Sears MasterCard (targeted 10% offer), and Amex Hhonors (no fee)

  17. Great video as always! Would the Barclays Uber card be more advantageous for strictly dining compared to the Chase Sapphire Preferred? It’s 4x vs 3x respectively, but it’s not precise comparison due to Ultimate Rewards.

  18. Out of curiosity, what would be the point in having SPG, Hilton, and the Marriott card? I have the Ritz-Carlton card which gives me 5x points at Ritz, SPG, and Marriott, so that's pretty universal. Why would you want Marriott and SPG separately? You still get bonus points at Marriott using the SPG card too.

  19. I use the AMEX Blue Business Plus card for un-bonused spend, which nets me 2x AMEX MRs. I don't spend much on gas and groceries but if that were to change I'd get the AMEX EDP.

    CSR for 3x on travel/dining
    AMEX Plat for 5x airfare

  20. 10:05 Chase Marriott if Chase indeed will replace a separate post-merger Marriott/Ritz/SPG card, and Citi ThankYou Premier to prevent several thousand Forward TY points from expiring.

  21. I’m intrested in the Gold PR card since it just looks amazing and prestigious however I’m currently with AA for my airline so I was wondering should I ditch AA and goto like delta maybe just to get the card?

  22. I won't be applying for any new cards hopefully in 2018 since I have somewhere along the line of 30+ inquires due to car loan and a few credit card applications. Not to mention my score is no where near ready to have new cards added to it even though I'm just under 600. I typically carry my Chase Freedom, Capital One Quicksilver, Citi Secured Card, and my Merrick Bank card with me, but don't really use them since there's still high balances on each one.

  23. I got the Amex everyday card back in July. I have and plan to continue to pay off my balances in full every month. How long should I wait until I should apply for the Amex Gold?

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